In search of alliance (14* titans)

Hello, I’m looking for an alliance killing 14* titans comfortably with everyone contributing.
Preferably FFA wars, rotating tanks and no unused flags.
Looking for a friendly and competitive environment where communication and fun are key.
My raid defense is around 5100, lvl 23 mana troops, never missed a war flag and always hitting titan when on.


You sound like a great team player, good luck in your search!

@Chadmo @Sarah2


Come check us out. East of the Equator. If you have Discord we have a extensive library and many other channels on there. Very useful info.

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Appreciate the tag! We are chaining 12 titans so I’m not sure we are what the member is looking for.

I will say what no one ever should: “lower you standards and we are a perfect fit!”



I saw you’re recruiting thread but forgot about the titans.

@sylosis you should try out his alliance


De raptors is our alliance and we hit every request but the titans. We do rotate tank except rush is always purple.

Give us a shot, I’ll welcome you personally!


@Reno1 do you guys rotate tanks?

@Chadmo thank you a lot for the offer but I’ve been killing 14* titans for a while now and I want to take bigger challenges. again, thank you.


Blade’s Fury!!! [TFG]
Chaining 14* Titans, must be killed in the first 11 hours.
No rotating tanks, but 2 waves in war, then FFA, without CYOM.

We’d be happy to welcome you :slight_smile:


Hello @sylosis ! This actually looks a lot like 541-Titan Slayers [TFG].

We are a friendly alliance that rotates tanks every war cycle (10 wars, starting with the rush wars). Currently, we are using blue tanks. Our system is to run through each of the 5 colors and best tanks in a rotation with polls every time to select which one our members want next.

We are also consistently taking down 14*, though some do get a bit close. Nevertheless, we haven’t missed one in a while.

We do not really try for Mythic Titan or Alliance quest as the rewards do not justify the efforts at our level. Though if we are close enough to a threshold, we may make a concerted push.

Line is preferred, but not required. If you are interested in learning more, feel free to reach out to me here or in line (igh13) to ask any questions.


Maybe @Skellet53 or @Mistress_of_Shadows
We are only at 13* titans


one stop titan shop rotates tanks…but not always.

basically vote on it every few months, top voted color wins, if it’s the same as before then well it’s the same as before.

i was hesitant to throw their pants in the ring, but what the hell, might as well

skellet with the crew-mates, i think they’re on 13s but not entirely sure(though i should be…)


@Rigs @L33tVortex12596 thank you for the shout outs. @sylosis Rigs said everything perfectly… as usual because he’s a silver tongue devil. One Stop Titan shop AKA osts definitely has room for a few as long as you have thick skin and can handle sarcasm because at our level and over 6 years of playing we just play for the fun at this point to hell with the game LOL. We’ve just invested too much money to give up now… so here we are and u are welcome to send a msg.


We are using dark tanks atm. But yes we rotate when team rouster calls for it

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Heres a link if you have Discord. Brings you to our welcome channel.

Thanks for the tag…

Rotating tanks is the one criteria that excludes any alliance hitting 14* titans with 100% flag usage that I could / would recommend. But you’ve had lots of offers, so GL on your E&P journey @sylosis.


Hello, Crew-Mates is currently chaining 14* but we also move the titans depending on the alliance roster, we see to it that adjustments are made given it is necessary to do so.
We are always on purple tanks, and strategic wars but we are a busy alliance, so our strategy is simple and not time-consuming. We are in unified color formation on rush wars.
I will be lying if i will say we have no unused flags, every alliance experience that. We understand sometimes ■■■■ happens but never to a point where it is tolerated, and what i can say is it is a very, very rare occasion for us.

We are big on Discipline. That’s the first step to Teamwork.

You can reach out to skell or nirvana, our Line ID is crew-mates if ever we can be of some interest to you.

@L33tVortex12596 thanks for the tag. Appreciate it :heart:

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I joined a new alliance, thank you everyone for the offers.


Come and check out Guardians Reborn! Their our top alliance in the Guardians family and fit what you’re looking for. They have a few out visiting our other alliances and would love to have you!

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