I'm not smart enough to figure this out

I have enough ascension items for a red. I struggle with telluria during war. Besides my “main” red stack I can’t seem to break telluria. So who should I ascend? My gut is telling me not to ascend anyone, they aren’t worth it, and just hold out for something better. My current maxed 5* are marjana, grazul and mitsuko. Would you ascend any of these guys or wait? Also note that I have a costume for Elena and azlar.

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I imagine everyone struggles with Telluria during war. My red and green stacks seem to do ok but beyond that …

More important would be which hero would generally help you overall. And if you don’t like your current choices what chances for a better one? With Pirates coming up is Kestrel a better option and how seriously would you chase him?

I’d ascend khagan or Azlar, but scarlet or gormek are good too and easier to max out. Once you have 3 maxed red heroes, preferably with talents, plus boldtusk and rigard, you can stomp telluria easily, given reasonable tiles… At least since they nerfed him.

With your current lowly bunch you will struggle though.

@Abhrams only anzogh is decent

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I found better results versus green tanks at war by maxing a lot of normal 4* red first recently. You can get 2 4* for 1 5* time wise.

For your 5* choices, I would either select Azlar or elena as you have the costumes for both of them.

Azlar, Elena and Scarlett are Great because of high attack values.

My First red Stack is Boldtusk, Marjana and Azlar heavily emblems. My second war attack is run with Scarlett +18, Elena and Sir Lancelot as red stack. Works great too. 6 tiles are often enough for Telluria.

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If you have 6 Rings, ascend Anzogh.

If you have 12 Rings, ascend Anzogh and Azlar.

If you have 18 Rings, ascend Anzogh and Azlar

Always ascend Scarlett.
Give up on Gormek.

You missed 2 important heroes for a good red staxk: Wilbur and Falcon. It would have been far easier if you have them

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If you using BT with Grazul I will max Azlar in costume first

If not go for Anzogh

When making your decision regarding using rings, think about: how much you plan to spend, where you plan to summon, and what potential new red heroes you can possibly get.

The only notable red heroes coming up are Captain Kestrel in Pirates of Correlia and Gefjon in 2-3 months from Valhalla.
Other than these two, I think the only other notable red heroes are in Tavern of Legends. The only 2 notable red heroes who can be useful against Telluria from that summoning pool are Gravemaker and Zimkitha.

I think that you already have good red heroes against Telluria-Vela (Marjana, Grazul and Mitsuko) but if you need another red dominant war team, then it will probably have to be a high tile damage based team.

What to do imo:

  1. If you plan to summon for Kestrel (very low probability), Gefjon (low probability), or GM/Zim (extremely low probability), then save rings. Bring C.Azlar and C.Elena both to 3/70. While waiting for good red hero, form a high tile dmg AOE based team in war e.g: Rigard, Wilbur, C.Azlar (3/70), C.Elena (3/70), Sumle (or other red 4*). This team will be highly dependent on getting a board with a decent amount of red tiles since most heroes are slow/avg speed. The aim will be to kill Telluria with 4-5 red tiles. If/when you are able to summon a good red hero, then use rings to max him and reform this war team.

  2. If you don’t plan to summon or don’t acquire the previously mentioned red 5* heroes, then I would probably max C.Azlar or Anzogh depending on the rest of your roster and use with Wilbur (unless you can get a 2nd Marjana from TC20).


Anzogh should be ascended IMO since he helps keep your team healthy (and he can charge reliably against Telluria too since he resists her debuff).

As a side note, I’d also recommend ascending Sudri since he’s the best red 3* in the game. Hits like a 5* and wipes out everything. Makes Rare Challenge Events easy.

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Personally my costumed Elena is a cornerstone of my main team.

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Anzogh has a native resistance to status ailments that affect mana generation, like Telluria’s. For this reason, I include Anzogh against Telluria. He’s average mana speed, so I’d prefer that over Elena, Azlar, and Khagan.

I have wondered whether Elena would be a good matchup for Telluria, though, because she has a high tile count and Telluria’s AoE would definitely invoke her counter attack. The rub, though, is whether one can get Elena to fire before Telluria does.

For me it would be Anzogh from your list. Then if a better red 5* hero doesn’t turn up go with Costume Elena.
Whichever hero you choose good luck

I play against tell with Elena all the time. It’s not about firing Elena first it’s about having her counterattack up when the snipers fire vela dies everytime she fires and i get vivica charged and ready to go after vela hits and they almost never beat me, seeshat, Lianna, Joon, etc they all kill themselves with one shot on my costumed Elena.

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I’m doing okay against Tell by adding Khagan, (soon Azlar instead), to my red mono raid team. I still hesitate to take a slow hero to war though so I sub in emblemed Falcon instead.

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I like anzogh out of those choices

If you don’t think you need another heal + AoE hitter then i would just hold the rings and hope for another marjana in tc20 or hero academy, or somethin better than her

Thanks for all the replies. For the record I have almost every red 4* In the game maxed. Maybe I need to rethink my teams I assemble. I think I’m gonna level anzogh

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