I'm drowning Help please

mod edit to remove picture showing Account Info. Essentially problem is that the game will not connect

Please help since the last update and she does not want to work

First the easiest possible solution:

Have you tried rebooting your device?

Yes, I have cleared the game and re-downloaded it several times and I don’t know what happened

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Tou need to modify the picture. You’re showing your account information in the bottom right corner. Take it down.

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picture Editing ??. I say the game does not want to enter my account, but it does not enter the game

Yes you should crop out the part that shows your game account # since people can use that to steal/hack your account

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Thanks for the information

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I didn’t shine any help and the game does not open

Have you tried switching from.mobile data to wifi & vice versa?

Other culprits apply too. Try force closin & restarting the device. And otherwise uninstall/ reinstall (don’t do unless you’ve backed up the game to your Google Play/ apple account.)

There are a couple of FAQ’s that might help:



(You can access more articles once you click a link, or from Menu>Options>Support>Support in-game)

To contact SG support directly, see below:

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I have the same issue since this morning I have tried to get in the game and try every suggestion mentioned above. My iPhone 11 has been turn off and on, offload the game and reload the game, try to find a way to get the update for Season III the continuation but to no avail. What should I be looking for to remedy this

Thank you all The problem with the network was not in the game. I tried everything until I got to the router and restarted, and then the problem ended completely. What I got is that the network might cut the main server.

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