I'm Blue (da bu dee...)

Welp, once again my blue queue seems to be showing no sign of slowing down, and I am really running onto of teams to build around them!

For context: I am a through and through rainbow raider, so my synergies are generally developed with that in mind. Obviously where possible, I will try and think about their wider use cases. I enjoy the team building aspects, and find that going rainbow is the best way to mitigate the RNG. Anyway

Current maxed heroes

Upcoming planned teams

Note: Currently working on Guardian Hippo and crew at the moment

My question to you the people, is if any of the following blue heroes could potentially usurp anyone from the existing teams?

Also, lets just pretend that ascension materials and emblems aren’t an issue (on the basis that by the time their time comes around I will likely have materials)…

Looking forward to your thoughts!