Idea for a New Building - THE MARKET

Market is a building to use own resources of player and convert into one resource to another the common money is Gems or any other say Gold coin, If the player having more food/Iron/Battle Items/Ascension mats/Crafting mats can be converted into gold coins and from coins he can buy required items. It was an exchange

Selling of heroes to other players is another issue no way related to Market it was trading between players and also trading of heroes are different from trading of items

Trading between players is never going to happen it would cost the devs a shed load of money.
I am blessed with bucket loads of ascension materials but no 5 star heroes to give them to, others in the alliance have 5 star heroes they will never get to level up as they can’t get the ascension materials. So the only way to solve both problems is for us to BUY what we need, take that away with trading and the devs shoot themselves in the foot , cuts down profits.

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