Idea for a New Building - THE MARKET


Hello Guys, I would like to share an idea that I’d yesterday.
Its about a new Building, we can call it “the Market”, that will works like a place to trade goods between the player and “the Market”. In my idea, will be work like a simple trade, but the market always “win” with the transactions. An example: Market price for a 1 x Raw Iron is 3 x Herbs (or the opposite, market always have the biggest price), or 1 x Travel Bag for 3 x Wooden Sword.
Once the market is upgraded the possibilities are increased, and the items with more stars appear to trade. It could have some trades like : Itens vs. Food, Itens vs. Iron, Itens vs. Gems, or even more.
Well, I hope that is a good idea for you guys.
Best regards

Loko da Kombi

Subscription service for new heroes

This is a good idea, I have 1k common herbs, I’d give em all for potent leaves or crypt mushrooms and make a balance in my loot ingredients.


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Is it possible in the future? for more active communication in the clan, for example one of the forges to make a building where you can buy or exchange a warrior or an object and so that it would become a clan market? even if the commission is to be removed it will be a good help for beginners)))


You might want to read the Shortlist that the Devs prepared a few months back. It touches on the topic of whether a market of some kind is being considered.


the global market seems to me to be a dump, and inside the clan is mostly for communication and to support newcomers


According to Shortlist, the Trade Market idea has been mostly ruled out. Trading between players is being considered but isn’t being worked on right now.