How to set up my team

I need help on setting up my attack/defence/war team, as well as my titan team. Currently in an alliance fighting 8* & 9* titans.

First of all, there is no “attack” team, you must select which heroes to take to every raid you make, based on enemy’s defense team.

War team, if your alliance has a strategy of using certain color tank, you should use your most adequate hero for that position, and build your team around it.

Titan team will depend on the monster’s color, with only a few select heroes, like Wu Kong, fit for almost all cases.

The only team you can setup and leave alone, at least until you get a better tank, is your raid defense team.

In your case I would finish Ares and use him as tank, flanked by Boril and Caedmon, with Khiona and Tibs at the wings.

Two advices:

Remove emblems from all your 2* and 3* heroes, it’s just not worth it to use emblems in heroes intended to use as feed, and in most of the 3* (I only emblemed Brienne and Gunnar to use them in titans, rest of them I only use in wars)

Level up your heroes all the way up, it’s also not worth it to use feed in heroes that will not be at their max capabilities, only stop when waiting for materials, but leave your hero ready to ascend when they come.

hope it helps.


For titans you want to finish boldtusk and Wilbur for green with ares, hawkmoon, azar? Don’t rush on gormek since you have wilbur
For blue both cademons, little John, and I still bring with me Bt and wilbur
Yellow tiburtus hiona, also finish second tiburtus, righard, at the moment cyprian, but still wilbur and Bt are usefull
Purple onatel, danzaburo, melia? (mine are under emblems, and she can be useful) Bt, wilbur
Red kiril, sonya, boril, still wilbur, but with ares
Def team hiona, onatel, ares, caedomon, sonya

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I agree to remove emblems from 2*s.

3* don’t get prioritized for emblems either (should be 4* -> 5* or 3* depending on depth). However, the 3*s will appreciate them for raid tournaments and challenge events. I personally took all my good 3* to 5 or less nodes, except for Gunnar and Gill-Ra who are at 20 and 16 respectively for being good tanks for those tournaments.

I would recommend you take the eblems off Azar, better to give them all to Namahage (as far as red 3* go he’s the best tied with the Wabbit) or wait until you have get a hero like Grimm.

Ok so with an attack team there is a lot to consider and how you want to play. The heroes you chose will depend on the opponents team and what best skills to defeat them. Additionally you might want to stack colours to defeat the tank or a different hero so you can play 4:1, 3:2 or 2:2:1 or mono etc.
For your war team that depends on what colour tank you play, how many healers you use, your alliance war strategy etc. There is no given best team because every hero can be defeated.
For your raid defence team I would focus on maxing and giving emblems to : Ares, Onatel, Tiburtus, Khiona and Sonya

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alright, thanks for the suggestions, will def remove the emblems from my 2 star and some 3stars. Also can i ask which hero to focus on next?

that is my current set up for defense team,thx for the advice. Really appreciate.

still waiting on two darts to finish up onatel

IMO Onatel should be on your defense team, she is in mine with good results.

I did not say to put her now because her current survability should not be great.

I would focus now on Ares (you are so close to finish him), and then Wilbur, he is one of the best heroes to use in titans.

the rest depends on what materials you currently have, and whether you prioritize winning wars/raids or dealing more damage to titans (I am going for the latter now).

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