How to search for topics ( before posting new topics about a similar topic)

Step 1. Click on the magnifying glass shown on the upper righthand corner of your screen (circled in red in Figure 1 shown below)

Figure 1. Clicking the Magnifying Glass


Step 2. Enter a topic you are interested in knowing more about into the search bar (shown in Figure 2 circled in red) and then click on the magnifying glass to the right of the search bar (pointed out with a yellow arrow in Figure 2)

Figure 2. Use the Search Bar to type in a topic

Step 3. Use the “Sort By” feature (denoted by the orange arrow in Figure 3) to narrow your search by areas such as Latest Post, Newest Post, etc., then click on that criteria to populate a list of topics to click on.

Figure 3. By sorting for the Latest Post, you will likely find a topic that is right in line with what you were about to post.

I hope this brief tutorial can be of some help to many.

Note: Before posting this new topic on how to search for topics, I decided to search for topics on how to search for topics and ultimately decided that most non-regs would find those searched topic titles to be confusing


Even with the note…

…oh the irony…


I know, but would people understand the padlock reference? I mean, I get it. It should be obvious.


I’m happy to accept this concise guide as an asset in the wider battle for a tidy forum!


I understand the good intention…and possibly the solution is to modify original title of the existing thread.

…we’ll let the bard decide…


But I like the title from Jonah’s thread.


Personally, I like how accessible this is.

So…I might delete all the comments, close the thread for discussion and just sprinkle links where they’re needed


I want to be able to link to this thread a dozen times a day.


I could advice the ctrl+c and ctrl+v option for you (or replace ctrl for apple key if you might be using that kind of device).

Thnx @Mothra, I hope people will use this


I edited that note. For more irony and more chuckles. I haven’t decided which.


Maybe pin this mods @Rook @zephyr1 @DaveCozy @littleKAF @JonahTheBard


I’ve always wondered how to get people who don’t search to find things.

Pinning often doesn’t seem to work — I can’t tell you how often someone has created a thread or asked a question that’s answered by a pinned thread.

It doesn’t hurt, although we also don’t want to displace Master List of E&P Links & Player Guides — both will fit in the pinned list, but that’ll be almost all that’ll show in the Categories list under #player-guides

I wonder if part of the missing piece is a separate locked Category for how to use the Forum, listed first, and with posts like this in it. :thinking:

(I’ve also pinned this in the meantime.)


Yeah I get pinning isn’t the overall solution but don’t hurt!
A lot of people will come on like a bull in a China shop as there probably angry :joy: not having a cool head.
Do like your idea on the how to use the fourm as anouther feature can maybe get people to view that first before being able to post :woman_shrugging:


At the very least we can attach this thread to duplicate posts so the OP can understand better how the search function works. If we could cut the duplicate posts in half, even that would help.

If the regulars (at least) were to bookmark this thread for easy posting, it may help the mods from getting worn out!


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