How to help our volunteer moderators

Then when he replies we flag him as being “Off Topic”?


Congrats @JonahTheBard on the reinstatement of moderator. Wondering if I should make a separate post :thinking:

Edit: yeah… Why not!


Often when players are looking for a new alliance they don’t indicate that they’ve found a new home and the “now dead” topic gets revived by alliances answering them.

I’ve often wanted to ask the OP if they’ve found a new home and if so, should their thread be closed. I’ve hesitated because I didn’t know if it was my place to do so.

QUESTION would it be helpful if I (and other regulars and/or members), were to follow up with the OP, or would mods prefer to do it themselves?

@zephyr1 @littleKAF @Rook @JonahTheBard


It is helpful, and some people do it pretty often.

If the OP subsequently confirms they’d like the thread closed, then you can flag their post with the “Something Else” option to let us know to close it. :slightly_smiling_face:


I use flags regularly in Alliance Recruitment, I confess. More often when I’m recruiting, oddly enough :thinking:.


Just today I got one of these. In December, I asked about closing a thread. Don’t know why - could have stumbled upon it myself or could have been flagged. Just today they replied and said it could be closed. I closed it and also unlisted it (so it doesn’t clatter up the category - I’ll do this for personal alliance recruitment threads when done as they don’t help others over the long term).

So yes, it helps.


Moderator Translation - Guvnor
If this message can serve as a petition then I absolutely agree that, what is characteristic of man is not moderation and that you all deserve moderators, a remuneration for the efforts and the time that you go to do it in place of many and thus rotate the box, if you were not there, there would not be as many shares on this forum and it would decrease the number of players on SG.
I would like to thank you, it is thanks to your dedication that I can share and receive :+1:

Si ce message peut faire office de pétition alors je suis absolument d’accord sur le fait que, le propre de l’homme n’est pas la modération et que vous méritez vous tous modérateurs, une rémunération pour les efforts et le temps que vous passez a le faire à la place de beaucoup et ainsi faire tourner la boite, si vous n’étiez pas la, il n’y aurait pas autant de partages sur ce forum et cela baisserait le nombre de joueur sur SG.
Je profite pour vous remercier, c’est grace à votre dévouement que je peux partager et recevoir :+1:


Reading through this thread I like the “flags not tags” mentality.

Lately I’ve been flagging duplicate threads by posting the existing topic as well as the padlocks thread. Am I being too much of a jerk? Too passive aggressive?

Nah I think it’s reasonable behaviour :roll_eyes::thinking::smirk:


Shame man, you know, you moderators do such great and amazing work, dedicated to the community too, I do feel and hope that one day SG/Zynga give you a form of pay,… Maybe atleast for the time you do.
You’re all very much respected and appreciated :slight_smile:


Bumping this thread, as a reminder to the regular forum buddies to lend a hand, especially as another great mod hangs up their merging tools - infinite blessings @Guvnor.

Thank you in advance


Not to you, but it is definitely a yes to the ones that’s on the other spectrum.

Similar to being a government, you can’t please everyone.

However, with the current predicament of where SG is heading towards, these actions will only drive a bigger gap between the moderator and the rest (being seen as “pro” SG).

Just my observations being here for past 3.5 years. I’ve had my fairshare of arguments with mods/long-term players to an extent that it got heated up as mods often lacks the point of people venting out and bring those passive aggressive kind of debate (your-fault-for-not-seeing-this-train-coming being the most obvious); but I’m no longer in the mode of debating anymore for foreseeable future.

If everyone has the capacity of empathy, we won’t be in this environment.


Definitely some hostile repliers out there. And I worry that merging can be seen more as a problem for those who create the merged thread.

But I’d say anyone is welcome to vent. There are dedicated threads to it. But some decide not to use that thread and it gets merged away.

It also depends on how you vent. “I did X pulls, didn’t get Y hero, this game is rigged” doesn’t give much room for discussion. But plenty of people post their unlucky streaks (see my lack of 4 star mats from elemental chests this year).

If you come in and say you played against a team twice and lost both times because the board is not random, it just doesn’t signal a willingness to have a logical discussion.

I’ve tried to help people with what I would call misguided opinions. Sometimes people are thankful for educating them. Other times people call you an idiot. I just don’t worry about those people.

If everyone wants empathy, then we would have better discussion in the first place. But bad posts lead to bad resposnes.


I also always try to be patient with those who vent, like @Ruskin505 does. but I also see why some others get impatient right away, as they see those same vents all the time (for what it’s worth, I do think it’s more productive to correct gently and empathize, rather than ridiculing those venting…)

it also does take a lot of energy and patience sometimes…


If you want your garden to be beautiful and fruitful, pay the gardener for his hard and constant work. No benefits or privileges - just the good old dollar (pound or euro). If the company does not have the financial capacity for this, then it could be a fund with voluntary donations. I have no idea what those amounts are, but I don’t think they are astronomical. This money can also be used for the technical development of the forum. Being a moderator is an art of balancing. Between personal likes and rules, it’s very, very difficult. And the winner should always be the community.


Are we the winner though?

Yes, that’s us, the forum users. In fact, understanding is not such a complicated thing. I, too, sometimes use irony instead of understanding, which I regret later… :woozy_face:
I’ll try to take my example from @sleepyhead :point_up_2: :innocent:


That’s sweet of you to say, I’m not always the best example either but I try, thanks @BanGan :slight_smile:

Absolutely! Great idea :slight_smile:

I don’t have solutions to offer, but I do want to say THANK YOU MODS!