How power of emblem quests calculated?

Plz tell me at what basis , I shared my emblem quest power and defence team .

Thanks .

Team Power is just a rough estimate of difficulty.

The way the heroes work together and what items you have also play a big part.

Your defence team looks good, but the trials limit your selection a lot. Who do you have as paladin or monks? Do you have any axes or bombs?


U mean , the power depend on particular emblem heroes ?

I have babies and some r in good levels

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Yes…so the estimated required team power for that level is 4000, made from combining the power of each hero.

Power is a rough calculation just to be used as a guide.

Your defence team currently has a team power of 3694, but can’t be used for the trial.

If you take bombs, arrows, axes health or mana, that can give you an edge to win with a team under 4000.


Thanks bro :slight_smile: , great help


I did it with TP 2808 and forgot to make new potions so I had 12 minor health, 2 minor mana, and bombs + dragon attacks (5 both). all you need to do is get to the final stage with battle items and that’s pretty much it

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