How do YOU track your alliance titan hunt performance

white zeros in black field means no recorded hits while red zeroes mean player was not in the alliance
while white zeros are added to the average total hit calculation, red zeros are not added

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Wowsers trousers. THAT is a beautiful spreadsheet.

What do we do?

Erm… Take screenshots of the result and then look back on them when @Annieb 's Spidey sense tells her that a booting needs a mooting


Haven’t been keeping track lately, but here’s a snippet of September.


I track titans daily and ahow members a weekly average. I haven’t been tracking flees because most the time i can tell early on and call it a rest titan depending on time left when the previous one was killed.
I also have color specific averages so members can see which colors they should focus based on their scores
As i’m kind of a nerd I also make graphs to illustrate week evolution :nerd_face:


Really liked your work! You gave me new ideas for the upcoming spreadsheets :+1:

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I use OCR plugin (copyfish) to copy the text from the screenshot. put it in a spreadsheet, average it out for titans killed for the month. it ain’t pretty, but it does the job.


We really don’t track titan data at all in CP, but we do try to track quite a bit of war related data.

@flyingsolow Any way I could get a link to this sheet to use with my alliance? Much appreciated if so. Been thinking about trying to set something like this up, but my Excel skills are a bit rusty. TIA

A method that never fails :slight_smile:

We do the same thing, not much players in the alliance are interested in such stats and we have people coming and leaving so it would be too much work I believe.

But I do have similar spreadsheet for tracking my heroes stats and performance and AW for entire alliance.


If anyone is willing to share a blanked out sheet, I would be more than thankful. wish i could gift you some gems or something. will provide address if available.

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You can have mine if you want.

That would be great. whats best method to contact you?

email me:

You rock. Thank you!

Here’s a link to mine:

For anyone who doesn’t know how to use other people’s spreadsheets as your own, use File -> Make a copy.

I have a blurb lower down explaining the sheet a little.


I do have a little problem, I think.

Why does it not display “december 4”?

I fully realize this doesn’t add to the conversation, but…



The format for that field isn’t “date”.

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Thanks for stating the obvious. Fixed it. :slight_smile:

My wife says that’s one of my specialties :slight_smile:


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