Hotmns Elemental link bonus

I have 5 of the 2018 Hotmns that I was toying with & there new bonus says The elemental links will spread to all allies & it does but if another heros special is used the elemental links do not reset. For instance If I use Gravemakers special it adds the 5% defense & 5% attack bonus. 4 moves later I use Alasies special & instead of resetting to a fresh 6 turns of elemental link there will only be 2 turns left. Can you just make it to where all the elemental links stack so we can use our old heros more?

Hey @Crocket1400
Unfortunately the HOTM’s elemental links are designed that only one can be active at one time
They can’t get dispelled nor overwritten, so also if you cast the same element link again, the duration won’t be refreshed…

Seems to be bad, but already the implementing of these links for old HOTM was a huge buff, so I guess we shouldn’t complain too much about it :slight_smile:

(However, I did leave my vote :slight_smile: )


This will be fixed in Version 45:


Oh, snap! That’s a great update…errr, balance update! LOL


Wow this is great news thanks!

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