HoTM - Re-purchasable Heroes

Hi there!

New to the game, only really started 2 months ago, really enjoying the game.

I’m sad that I’ve missed out on some great past heroes of the month.

So like the elemental summons, I thought the last 18hrs of the month, they should have HoTM summons, and maybe its 500-600 gems instead of the 300 gems, but your guaranteed a 5* previous HoTM.

We get our heroes, and SG get $$$.

Only downside would be the Flood of p2p players with 5* heroes, which i dont think is too bad of an issues, as you need the right resources to make them powerful.

What do you guys think?

It has been stated that old HoTM will return, we do not know how. (Except that they will not return as HoTM)

I myself prefer the idea to place them in “normal” heroes or TC20 after a year or so.

For your idea, sure, it’s one option. But for a guaranteed 5* the price would be somewhere near or over the price of 10x summon. Would be awesome if it would be 500-600, but in reality it would probably be somewhere around 3000. And that would make it too P2W IMO.

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Dude they charged 9750 gems for a tome of tactics and other candies mixed
If they were to put a price on a GUARANTEED hotm I guess it would be 50.000 gems

50k gems haha, but it’s true - the’re very greedy

…and as so many people claim that paying players are so much stronger, it would not be a fair deal…I like more the idea to get them on TC20.

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I think I’m more on board with this now, like even a 2.5% pull rate, maybe no repeats until you have all, I would be happy with.

Maybe with new updates / season 2, they’ll have TC’s go to level 25 or 30 and allow HoTM in their own thing, but the resources are from titans, similar to accession materials.

What do you guy’s think of that? Say a Red 4/5 star, with increase 5* pull rate, however you must use 2 Hidden Blades with X amount of food and Y of recruits?

Knowing SG it’ll be behind a paywall if we do see HoTM again. I saw yesterday someone spent 200Euros trying to pull the new May HoTM. I’m happy to throw down 20-30 because i enjoy the game but thats nuts.

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My guess would be that if they did it via a TC20 or TC2X it would be less than 1%, I’d say it would have to be. Right now on TC 20 pulls I am at 2% on a 5* normal one (yes, I know it is on the low end of what is posted here) but even then I have 3 of them in my time.