Honey from TC20

I’m no noob and I can happily say tc20 is wonderful if you want Tyrum and Renfeld.

If you’re a noob and want Bane or Dawa as your first summon you’re guaranteed to get them, around 99% fixed chance! Wonderful rng

I didn’t mean you at all lololol

Sorry for misunderstanding……

I ment for the poster from 2017 who only ran it 6 times.

Just a old old thread

oh… ok


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Honest … didn’t mean at you
I do love tc 20 tho but I see some ppl frustrated with slow results …
Imma start posting mine …
i got 2 5* last week … isarina and joon
But I do run 2xs of them … at a time.

Hey did you know if ha8 has costumes??


No, unfortunately HA8 does not. Only HA10 in HA has a 5% chance for a costume, if the retrained hero has a costume.

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Would be nice if they add costumes to ha8 but with the odds already good I suppose they think they’d start loosing $


thanks for the link :panda_face::yellow_heart:

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bummer… thank you… :two_hearts::panda_face::two_hearts::two_hearts:

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