Hero levelling up

Hi all, I’d like to know if it would be a success to have one special level up point for a 5* when ascending him on very beginning ? I mean if it’s first time to level him up, while using a 3* and 8 or 9 uncommon heroes, will I see one spec lvl up point added ? thank you for your feedbacks !

Don’t have a 5* yet, but if the 4* are any indication, because of the number of heroes, food, and ascending tiers to go through, one would generally be able to get a 4* or 5* hero’s special ability maxed at 8/8 long before fully ascension.

This is also taking into account that a 4* will have 4 total free special ability upgrades when ascended and 5* will have 5 (since you get an automatic level up on the special at each ascension). But chances are, you would probably reach 8/8 already even if you feed one or two at a time.

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The biggest thing about this game is…drums, please, Brobb…randomness, randomness, randomness.


True. I have difficulty with 3*’s not 4/5*’s.

If you’re patient and consistent you can reach level 8/8 on second ascension. Most don’t go this route, but I’ve done this with at least 20 heroes, at least 5 5* s. Basically what I do is, tan tan tan…Work on 6 at a time, the main hero (let’s call it) the one that I have all ascension mats for will get all 2* + heroes for his full ascension. Only 2* and above. Any other 1* I distribute among 5 other heroes (one for each color), I do this day in and day out for say two weeks or so, depending on how much you farm, etc…95% of the time they reach 8/8 right before their 3rd ascension. On their last two ascension I feed them any color over 2*s until they reach level 70 or 80…It’s more of a compound effect as you don’t see much happening for a while, but once then they do, they usually hit their max skill around the same time. Then I just focus on one at a time until they’re max…

Shoot, I hope that wasn’t confusing…


Maybe that part… otherwise all good… :wink:

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I tried something new

Used only 1 stars to level tiburtus as I was saving 2 stars for marjana and got his special to 8/8 at 2nd tier level 30


As you might have noticed, there is percentage chance of special levelling when you add the 10 feeder heroes. Is there a guarantee that your special with level up? No, barring 1 case. However, if the chance to level is over 20%, there is good probability that the special will level up.

You might have already read that same colour feeder heroes have a higher chance of levelling up the special.

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@Denys did you use only same color of 10 or mixed colors to have Tiburtus spec lvl full ?

Yeap I’ve got a spec lvl for 3 and 4* with at least 16 and 23%. my question is can it work for 5* ?
I watched yesterday @Zero (of 7DD) strategy on levelling up heroes. I’ll try to do it and see if that’ll work for me.

I was spectacularly unlucky when leveling Melendor over the past couple of weeks. His special was only level 2 well into third tier and then he suddenly got 5 levels right in a row on that tier. He got to level 8 when I ascended him to 4th tier. I firmly believe that, with 4*, there will always be enough time to get to level 8 special.

The best way to get specials up reliably is to feed the hero only color-matched 1* heroes. Second best, add in color-matched 2*. Under no circumstances should you use a Trainer Hero on a hero if you’re concerned about getting its special maxed quickly.

I just saved 10 1 stars and put it in him

I’ve seen a bunch of threads saying that it’s not about the amount of percent you put in but the amount of times you do it

I had an issue with Joon for a while being stuck at 4 on 2nd ascension but then all of a sudden a couple took. Now he is maxed on 3rd.

Grimm is being rather annoying stuck at 4 almost to 3rd ascension.

I usually fee 10 of the same color 1* and/or 2* depending on what comes out of my TC and what gets dropped during farming.

Most important is to use same-colored feeders; second most important is to use unleveled 1* feeders.

Whether to clump-feed is situational. Feeding ten 1* same-color has the same expected outcome, reagardless of whether you feed them one at time, all at once, or something in between. What differs is the variance: feeding them in clumps lowers the variance.

How can you use this fact to your advantage?

  1. Once you get the hero to ⅞, then you should batch-feed. The reason the expected outcome is the same is because you might get several power-ups from a batch, if you get lucky. When the special is at ⅞, then you CAN’T get two power-ups, so you just want to max the odds of getting the special up.
  2. If you’re pretty far from maxing the special but getting close to max level, then feed singly to maximize the chance that you’ll hit 8/8.

Thank you very much for this information.

I am going to get Grimm now. That greedy greedy ulgy man.

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If somehow your hero gets to max Ascension and Max Level without maxing out his power, you can just keep feeding them until it does max out.

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I am hoping that isn’t the case but he is still being stubborn. Almost to 3rd ascension at 4/8.

Levelling up heroes has to be the most crap thing in this game, it is unbelievably the most tedious and time consuming crap thing to do , i hate it and this game can go screw levelling heroes ,