Hero death rate

First off, thanks to everyone who contributes to these forums; they’ve been invaluable in helping me learn this game.

I’m having trouble deciphering the hieroglyphics of these heroes. Is there a way to tell who dies first/easiest? Is it as simple as fast mana = the hero dies faster? Or is there something in the sword/shield/heart chart that provides a clue? Does it go by power? I’ve got the fabulous wiki and Coppersky’s pages bookmarked, but I can’t decipher who dies easiest.

Thanks for your help!

Heya Katmandukat,

The rate at which heroes die depends on a couple of things. First of all there’s the outside influence, whoever you’re fighting and how strong they are. Since this would influence all your heroes equally I’ll leave that part out :slight_smile:

Then it’s a combination of the shield and the heart icon. The higher the shield/defense points are, the less damage they receive from an original hit. Whilst the exact mechanics and percentages aren’t fully known (or at least by me) - the higher this number is, the better they can withstand damage (oversimplified: if someone hits with 10 power, and your defense would be 6, you’d only be hit for 4).

Heart/hitpoints is the other part that influences this, as the more you have of this - the more hits you can take before you die. It is therefore a combination of the two :slight_smile:

The speed at which your heroes charge mana doesn’t influence how quickly they die (unless they’re a healer, cause then they could heal themselves faster). The speed at which opponents charge can influence, as they could hit you more often and kill you faster.

Hope this helps!


Thanks a ton Loorts!! Yay, now I know how to sort of decipher these heroes. I needed some guidance on how to reconfigure my teams. I thought I was lucky and pulled Quintus but he seems to die if you sneeze on him.


That’s more a matter of how much he’s leveled/ascended and who you’re fighting (10* titan, raids, map stage, etc)

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Additionally, your troops add to these stats. Some troops are geared towards damage stats while others focus more on defense.

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What a complex game. No wonder it’s so addicting. I feel my free time slipping away…:slightly_smiling_face: