Hero chest didn't filled in


I am bit surprised. I was in a mission to complete my hero chest from yesterday. This morning I came close and I was two short.

when I had few Raid flag after couple of hours I had another go again. With tough luck I had one victory so expecting my chest is ready to Open but unfortunately my last win wasn’t even count. not a big problem but it’s just taking longer to fill :joy::joy::joy:


Check your chest…is it full now? :slight_smile:


Hi Rook. Soon I mentioned this here hour later I had my alliance flag from which I successfully filled in my chest( let’s not mention that I lost the raid, but manage to kill 2 Hero’s of my enemy) and had rubbish loot :joy::joy:. The chest is half full coz I started another mission as I write so hoping to be full by end of the day​:grin::grin::grin:. Thanks for your reply rook :blush::blush:I thought nobody wanna know .lol