Help with rainbow team

I need some advice for my team. I’m currently running
LW-Mother North (19 em)
LF-Tyr 18 em
Tank- Telluria 18 em
RF- Vela 18 em
RW-JF 18 em

I’m reconfiguringvto a rainbow team and am putting Kage in for Mother North. I want to switch a yellow in for JF. The three yellow that I have are Sif, White Rabbit, Joon. I just can’t decide. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

What’s your plan for your right wing - place the yellow there, or move Tyr there? Sif on left flank could do some good damage, though White Rabbit certainly has its strong areas too.

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I was going to put the yellow on the right flank. I like white rabbit but he’s a cleric and I’d have to move my emblems off mother north and that would cause me to spend a reset button and a ton of hams. Joon has had a resurgence so he’s back in the conversation

I would use Kage Tyr Telluria Vela Joon.

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