Help me with what green hero to take to 4.80

Hi all!
I need some help on what green hero to take to the top. I have Alby, mad hatter, and kadilen ready for the tonics. Obvious choice most would say Alby, but I see him as a defense hero only and I never drop under 2500 cups with my current set up. I occasionally reach top 100, but see no reason to strive to stay there. I just want to do better in Titans, offense, and wars… So…

  • so you use Alby for raids offense and wars?
  • would mad hatter at full strength be more useful?
  • kad looks fun for AOE with ranvir. Thoughts
  • I have horghall and Elk but you would have to do some serious convincing…

Thank you for your help.

For attacks every hero could work but the best ones are The Hatter and Alberich.

I would say Alberich for war defense even if Kadilen is appealing if you have Kunchen / Santa Claus. The Hatter is a nice flank as he deliver high damage and the buff steal is a great asset.

Kadilen and Ranvir too are strong together, Alberich is a great healer and can completely turn the tides of a fight both on attacks and defenses. I would do him if I were in you.

Kadilen is strong now but there are other AoE hitters that could work just fine with Ranvir and the possible Santa Claus / Kunchen.

Elkanen is now an ok hero but nothing special.

Horghall who?

Thank you for your support! I should also note I take a maxxed tarlak on raids so good special is always overwriting Alby’s. Kinda annoying.

Tarlak and Alberich fill similar roles in my time selection; given that you have Tarlak, Hatter might provide more depth. I love bringing Hatter against defenses with lots of buff-casters, e.g. Aegir, Ares, Alberich. If you don’t have many 5* dispellers, I’d serious look at him.

(Hatter issue for me: Evelyn and Zeline are both amazing green heroes that are fast and dispel some/all foes. A natural pairing for high damage would be Evelyn + Hatter, but now Hatter is hitting into a partially dispelled team, wasting much of his key skill. In 3+2 setting with green as the off-color, I’ll often use Tarlak+Hatter to provide heal+dispel support for the primary color.)

Thanks Kerridoc! Leaning this way currently. I love him on raid tournaments with buff boosters

I have a max Hatter. The “fun factor” on him is huge but buffs are his only jam, he doesn’t get a lot of action from me otherwise. I can see Alby being useful in more situations, personally. A Wonderland team does sound pretty cool though, +mana & +crit would be a nasty combo.

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