Hello Everyone

Sometimes change is good.

And I want my own personal “I-WIN”-button for everything in the game! Because I think that I deserve it! Why should I have to have to play by the same rules as other?! I mean, I’m the only paying customer in this game! Everybody else should loose to me! Always! And I want all the loot! And trophies!

Sounds resonable?


YES, I spend money money here, I should get the entire board made out of gems, this is UNACCEPTABLE (in the angelic voice of lemongrab)

Still, getting bad boards undeniably sucks at first glance.

But if you do hang in there, sometimes your smart thinking, clever strategizing and a bit of turned luck, can change what looked like a solid defeat into a well earned narrow victory. And those rock.

So cherish your bad boards, they are the boards that reward your strategy the most. And if you do lose to one bad board, pfah, all bad luck, nothing to do with your mad skillz :wink:

Thank you for sharing.

Try F2P. It requires patience, but you still get to play map, titans, wars and raids. And you don’t have the stress of expectation.

For those of you who p2p, genuinely, thank you for supporting the game :heart:


Watch the 7DD videos. Those guys make their own luck. They’ll show you how to do it too.