Hedon thinking about a move

Hello. I am Hedon, have previously Lead and co-Lead alliances but now looking for a new challenge. I can sport a 5200+ defense team and I do have a pretty deep roster for wars etc. troops are lagging a bit but can do a lvl 20+ on magic/mana troops for a rainbow. Any takers? I also have a strange sense of humour and appreciate when others can go stranger… so hypothetically, is there a good home for me anywhere?


If I do find a home there’s also a colleague of mine looking (stronger)

Hi Hedon,

I am not sure what are you looking for a new alliance but Always room for a Jell-O has a extra space.

We are killing 10* titans.
We have very simple rules. Hit the titan when log in. Use war flags if you choose to participate.
Very simple war strategy.
No drama, friendly and talkative alliance.

Please feel free to check us out

Thank you

We have a few spots available across the alliances in the Phoenix family, ranging from mid-tier to top 100. If you can get a roster to Line: Toya_76 we can find a place for you.

Our recruiting post here.

Good luck with your search.

Turpitude is a great spot with long time members stringing 14* titans with ease. 2 spots open, simple war strategy, and optional discord

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:star: Apex-predators :star:

We currently on 12* titans normally 14* when full…
War genuinely a ffa but bit of common sense needed too, same colour tanks …
Line chat available

East of the Equators has a couple of openings.
We are a family of 5 alliances.
We are stringing 14 star titans and use all flags in wars.
We are competitive yet relaxed and understand Real live issues.
We also have an extensive library that we share rather you join us or not. Yours free to keep and use either way
Stop by for a visit.
The link below will bring you to our welcome channel.

Wu Let The Dogs Out is always on the hunt for people with a questionable sense of humour! Check us out if you feel like it.

We have left our front door wide open, so any weirdos looking for a place to hang don’t miss the entrance. Substance abuse highly appreciated!

I’m sold! Excpect a visit soon :slight_smile:

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Hi Hedon,

Come and give us a go at HamNation. We are a friendly bunch with a core nucleus of players who have been members for several years. In recent times we have let a few people go due to lack of participation, and have lost a few who have chosen to quit playing. We are currently rebuilding and would love for you to join us. We are currently at 18 members, hitting 11 and 12* titans. Two simple rules, hit titans and use flags if you opt in to war.
Hopefully see you soon?

Looking like you’ve already found something, but Crew-Barons is currently at 29/30 fighting 14* titans (though we still skip occasionally). We’d love to have you.

Yes indeedy…come try out The Marley Army! You would fit right in…from one stranger than you! Lol

Hi Hedon,
Check out the Ravens of Valhalla. We have space for 3 so your friend could join. As long as you have 2400 cups, and love the game, we would love to have you. We are an international casually competitive alliance. We use LINE and we prefer if people have it. Contact Hanselope on LINE if you are interested in knowing more.

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May as throw the hat into the proverbial ring.
Or something… :laughing:
You could check us out at Fusion Fighters.
2023-01-19 Banner

Bearcats has a spot open, good group and we always love to add some humor to our alliance.

LOBSTER STEW… 24/30 atm. Theres plenty of silliness in this soup, but theres alway room for more!

Just use war flags if opted in.
Purple tanks
Have a few 5000+ D teams and majority of others 4800+
9-11* titans and usually only use flasks on rares

Bring yourself, your heroes and your crazy for a visit. Plop your butt here and stew for a while, why not?

Use Line for external chat. All the bonus memes/GIFS can be enjoyed there…

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