Heavy Problems to get "Midnight Roots"


Yes, I know the tooltip and I know what it says: “A higher Chance in Province 22!”
But that can’t be true. Maybe it was 22.9 (or 22 in general), in the past and changed after an update.

Over the weekend, I tried 30 times 22.9 and another 24 times everything from 22.1 to 22.8.
After that, I had 4 (four) Midnight Roots, none of them was from 22.9, all from the other 8 Stages. But however, it is far too little.

Then today, I mixed some Provinces and Stages to fill the rare Monster Chest, nothing above 13 and I ended up with 6 Midnight Roots.
And now I think, some of you maybe made a similar experience. If not with this special ingredient, maybe with something else.


I seem to get more mushroom in the lower levels (4 and 5 since I farm swords and backpacks there) than province 11, where it has a higher drop rate.


That sounds familiar, have a “list”, with some stuff, that is now harder to farm than a couple weeks ago.
Midnight Roots, Mushrooms, large Bone to name only three of them.

This fits to the topic from last month. Somebody asked, if the droprate for 8.7 has decreased.


I remember getting a Midnight Root here and there in 7-7 (I was hunting for String). I didn’t see a lot of it, but it was there.


Sounds like a fairy tale… :wink:
I will try 7-7 and we will see…


Not to say 7-7 is bad or anything but fyi, Earlier today I got 4 or 5 of the roots from 9 rounds of 8-7 map, when I was farming for the Monsters Chest.

I guess it is all random and depends on your luck. I somehow get the feeling that these materials show up when we are least looking for them and not when we really want them lol


You’re right, it feels like random, but then is the tooltip useless…
I still hope, there are a special spot for every item…would make it easier


Keep in mind that Mai’s List was made either at or just before v1.5. Maybe when she has time again she can revise it (if necessary).