Healing Bug with Ares and Alberich



I have Ares and Alberich on my team. I’ve noticed that when I use both of their specials, Alberich’s healing overrides Ares’ healing. So, the neighboring heroes to Ares only get ~120hp healed, instead of 120 from Alberich + 200 from Ares. This occurs even when I use Ares’ special after using Alberich’s, and vice versa. Can we fix this so that the healing becomes additive as it should be? Thanks.


Thanks how all skills of the same type work in the game. They override and don’t stack


Is it supposed to be that way? If that’s the way it works, the stronger skill should override regardless… so my Ares heroes should get 200 instead of 120 at the very least.


Nope, newest applied goes on. Be careful in team make up


What do you mean newest applied? If I use Alberich’s special first, then I use Ares’ special, Ares should override Alberich’s, correct?


Correct, latest applied should override previous


That’s the thing. I used Alberich’s special, then I used Ares. Unfortunately, only Alberich’s healing applied in that case, even though Ares should


Its the same kind of buff.

The “strength” or “quality” of the buff isnt considered.

Like @Talisax has written. The last buff application is the one that sticks.


So the previously—not latest—applied is the buff that worked? Odd. It’s not supposed to work that way.


Are you sure the hero you are looking at is the caster or one next to it.

Alberich applies heal to everyone, Ares only to him and the 2 next to him.

But, yes all effects of the same type overwrite others. The new one replaces the old one. No matter what strength.


Skills dont stack? … thats my dream team gone.