Happy 🍰 Day Forumversary @muchacho & @sarmale

I think it was a teenage boy at a dinner with his parents that he did not want to attend. :man_shrugging:t2:

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Woop have a blast :beer::beers: :beer: :hotdog: :+1: :green_heart:

Woop have a blast :beer: :beers: :beer: :hotdog: :+1: :green_heart:


Happy cake day @Muchacho and @Sarmale! :cake:

Hope MV gives you lots of 4-star ascension mats. And HA10 gives you non-season 1 heroes … that aren’t dupes … and all portals only spit out featured legendary heroes instead of Dawa or Bane.

Yes, @Muchacho is congratulating himself @Noble_Weasel! Because why not?


happy cake day @Muchacho , @Sarmale !!

double cake!


Happy forumversary! @Muchacho & @Sarmale
May the portals show you the kindness and generosity that you have shown to so many others here :partying_face::tada::clinking_glasses::clinking_glasses::clinking_glasses::tada::partying_face:


Happy, happy Cake Day @Muchacho @Sarmale! :partying_face::tada::confetti_ball::cake::cake::beers::beers:

Thank you both for your contributions to the community. :+1::+1: Both of you are appreciated.

@Muchacho I do hope you can finally get the specific S1 costume I’ve been hoping for since you asked me to pick one and keep it a secret. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

However, since Costume Chamber was moved to every eight weeks, I shall redirect more hope to you getting a non-dupe non-S1 result soon from your HA10. :pray::pray:

Hope both of you are having/had a great day.

Please enjoy some cake. :wink:

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Thank you once again @Sarah2 for starting the celebration and tagging me! :smile: Inviting @sft1965


Is that the Season 6 map on the cake? :thinking:

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Happy Cake Day! Heres to many more

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I apologize for the lateness and will probably need to multiple post due to tagging, but thanks @Sarah2 for starting the thread. You have a remarkable talent to keenly observe moments that are culturally appropriate for cake. :+1:

Thanks @BlackZed @PlayForFun @maryij @RebelForces @JGE @sleepyhead @HunterKiller @L33tVortex12596

Yeah, I am also here …. for better or worse. :wink:

I appreciate that sentiment, but if I can let it go I think we all can :laughing:

Thanks, it’s irritating how much we think alike.

And answering. The typing is mostly so I don’t come to blows with myself when I disagree with me.

Appreciated given your proven latent powers of HA10 control. In E&P speak I suppose it is a Weasel passive.

Thanks! Kind of feels like when people bring you fruit for dessert… or cookies, but then they have vegetables on them. :laughing:

Thanks! No luck yet, but I sure would like Kara! :crossed_fingers:

Agreed. Forumversaries are occasions though, so remember pinkys out while eating your beer cake :wink:

Thanks, consider it blasted!


Thanks! Although at this point it would almost be ruining the joke to get it! :laughing:

And of course thanks to @Gwniver and @akionna for the super kind words put on a different thread. Much appreciated. It always amazes me how many people seem to pay attention to what I say consider how limited my in game resources are :laughing:

Finally @Sarmale. You and I share an bond that most humans beings will never experience. The bond of shared E&P forumversaries. It is so intimate and intense that it requires us to do exactly nothing different from what we do now. Also, you’re welcome for making this weird.

Thanks again all!



Lesschacho por favor.


Thank you and congratulations again :fish_cake: :partying_face: :clinking_glasses:

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Yeah sorry, didn’t mean it to look bad.

But you’re right you two make a great couple