Congrats @Ian487 and @FrenziedEye , way to go on 4 years!

Glad this thread got revived…happy forumversaries! From someone with half that (2 years on the forums), but playing since 2019 it appears. Probably a lot of energy spent on my device, also, in all that span of time.

Have a great one, both of you!


Happy forum anniversary @Ian487 and @FrenziedEye !


Happy anniversary @FrenziedEye @Ian487 ,I definitely consider both of you among the old guard - and always with something interesting to say! And certainly among those who will stand up for the FTP.

Thanks @Sarah2 for bumping up and tagging :slight_smile:


A very happy forumversary to you both! :partying_face: :clinking_glasses: :slight_smile: :rose:


Happy forum anniversary @Ian487
Hope you get to eat loads of cake :cake:
Have a great day and I wish you lots of good luck in the game on this your special day
Take care
:confetti_ball: :clinking_glasses: :chocolate_bar: :tada: :beers: :smiley:

Wherever you are and whatever you are doing I wish you happiness and good health


Hello forum friends, thank you for the bump and lovely messages. I wish you all the best also


Bonus questions if people can be bothered to answer them: How is the game these days? Has it changed much? What’s the latest goss on the forum and the game?

This is completey random but what’s the name of that forum regular who always has posts explaining how things are and ends their post with FIN or END? The name completely eludes me. I was about to tag that person but forgot their name :sweat_smile::rofl:

Thanks @Sarah2 for remembering me :rofl:. Are you guys still playing that number thread against the mods??!

Thanks also to @JGE @sleepyhead @Gwniver @PlayForFun @arrow_slinger for your well wishes

Ps @Ian487 I think I recognise you – were you the one who had 4* red (Colen? The one who damages all with fire over time) as their avatar? Hahaha. My memory is patchy at best

Ps @Shohoku79 after all these years are you getting enough leather gloves? Was that what it was called? I seem to recall you kept missing one particular type of ascension mat!

Take care all


Yeah, right you are, your memory doesn’t fail you. Colen was my first forum avatar, I used it for a long time. On the other hand, you always had the same avatar, for as long as I can remember! Since the rumors of your leaving the forum seem to have been greatly exagerated, I wish you, my forum twin, a great day and happy forumversary! Perhaps you’ll return to the game + forum pack oneday, you never know…


What a treat … Hello! How nice of you to drop in and today of all days :cake: .

Yes! We’re up to volume 10 now. Which is just craaazy :exploding_head:.

Hope all is well in your corner of the globe. See you around … More often perhaps :wink:.


Good to see you in the forum again …
The game has evolved greatly over the last couple of years but there is still significant power creep with a continuous conveyor belt of new stronger heroes.
Rebalancing lives on - some considered bad (Kalo) and others good (family bonuses for S1 heroes)…
Our wardrobes are growing to hold more and more costumes - 2nd costumes even for S1 heroes…
We have new events (some you can only use one colour heroes) and different types of wars (war of three kingdoms).
To be honest there is too much for us all to do in the game unless you play it full time :smiley:
But there is lots of new fresh stuff to keep it interesting and if you focus on the stuff that you like individually as a player - then yes it can still be fun.
The forum remains relatively constant. Lots of good players giving help, advice and guidance. So positive, but as expected when something goes “wrong” there is a flutter of posts with players venting their frustration (understandably). But we have lost some really good moderators recently….
You take care


we’re being flooded with new heroes at a faster and faster pace, and power creep goes up too :stuck_out_tongue: as FTP I find myself even less able to compete at the highest levels, BUT thankfully this has not trickled down to, say, upper Platinum/Low Diamond, and most PvE content is still relatively doable. Most. (costume chamber v2 is a debacle!)

I think you mean @Gryphonknight :stuck_out_tongue: he who has a lot of summaries too!

always a treat seeing ya @FrenziedEye PS the FTP rebellion thread is still going strong!!


Aw … just missed it by a day.

Happy belated forum anniversary @Ian487 and @FrenziedEye. :cake: :cake:



What a lovely summary, thank you. I feel tempted to check into the forum now to see what is going on!!

You too!

So glad to hear it! Thanks for the kind words

And what a treat to see all these posts!! Thank you again


I wouldn’t count on that but i might be tempted to check into ze forums every now and then!

Cheers and thank you for the well wishes, to you too!


Happy, happy 4th Cake Day @FrenziedEye! :partying_face::tada::confetti_ball::cake::clinking_glasses:

Thank you for dropping into the forum. It’s nice to “see” you. :+1::smile:

Happy, happy belated 4th Cake Day @Ian487! :sweat_smile::partying_face::tada::confetti_ball::cake::clinking_glasses:

Wowza, four years on the forum! :exploding_head: Thank you for being you - definitely a F2P Warrior. :+1::+1:

Wishing you lots of good luck for a nice summon soon! :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

Please enjoy some cake.

Awesome res skills and thank you kindly for tagging me @Sarah2! :smile:


Thanks @SamMe, hahaha. Have we interacted before? I don’t feel we have but cheers for the well wishes.


If you’re dropping into the forums, @FrenziedEye , there are great calendar threads every month. Just search by the name of the month and you will find tons of beautiful, user-created calendars, and replies about the state of the game, predictions on upcoming featured heroes, and much more.

However, many of the events are only once every 2-3 months now, and if you look at any calendar you will see our packed schedule. Path Of Valor is now 28 days with no days off in between. There are costumes popping up, along with new heroes, in all the portals. In August, there was a portal for something called Covenant of Champions (I believe) that would cost 400 gems per pull. We did get 100 free coins (and I got Atomos with my free pull, so no complaints here!). Some portals now have no S1 “classic” heroes at all…I can think of last year’s Black Friday, this year’s Summer Solstice, and Challenge Festival. The old challenge events (Guardians of Teltoc, Knights of Avalon, Riddles in Wonderland, Pirates of Corellia, and forgot the fifth) are gone. The Challenge Festival has stages with all five of the above mixed together. Some other new challenge events have been created, as well as a mythic titan that all players attack and compete for loot. And I am saving my F2P gems for if Black Friday is done the same way as last year with that portal.

We are currently on Version 50 or 51. There are some awesome Beta Beat threads out there that explain what’s coming. I tend to look at certain calendars, then go from there if I want to read more about a future event. For example, they are making some sort of Monster Island for alliance mates to play together (one island for the whole alliance, as I understand).

Whatever you choose, thanks for coming back to the forum and replying in this thread. Good to hear from you. Take it easy!


In an alternate universe that’d be cause for a curse, I take it he’s been buffed? Hahaha

I distinctly remember those days of saving up gems. It was a lot of hard work. And it didn’t always pay off! Best of luck

Thanks so much for the nice summary.

Would you or anyone happen to know where can I see a list of all heroes? (Just purely out of curiosity!)

Not important, just being a sticky beak


You’re welcome! I’m not sure about a hero list, but there should be pictures of all, on the site heroplan.io , which is run by @GDIBass . Don’t think you need to create an account… I think one of the reference pages has it. (Since I also made a topic about where a master list for costumes would be, that should be there on heroplan also.). You see the heroes as thumbnails and then click for more info on them.

However, not all of the latest heroes are on there due to their health problems, so wishing them well, of course. So many new heroes, yet I don’t face many in upper platinum, thank goodness.

Yeah, I think Atomos got buffed. Can’t swear to it, but I was pretty stoked because I had no 5* greens up to that point. There is a S3 hero Almur, who lowers enemy defense to nature, plus costume Brienne, who lowers defense in general based on tile hits, on my green team. That is why I love blue titans and I cannot lie. Every time I’m supposed to do a mono task for POV, I always play green.

Regarding gems, I am close to my first 10 pull, but will be very selective on which it’ll be. (TC20 gave me Kadilen but I have no costume, so that is the universe where my curses come in. Costume Kadilen has an awesome dodge mechanic on their special.

Glad I could summarize. Although I never have to write “20 characters” on any of my posts, lol.


Best of luck, I know the feeling of really wanting to pull a particular character. It’s usually best to temper your expectations! I remember costume kadilen being on my list too.

Ps. I just opened my game to see what was up and indeed nothing has changed too much :upside_down_face:


Oooh, he appeared before us, Speaker of the Vanilla Milkshare Terror… How’s been life treating you, mate?

I’d have to look back to see approximately when you left the active game to see what you all have missed… Let’s see, more heroes, limit breaking of the experience levels, more heroes, shorter POV, more heroes, costumes for season 2 and 3 heroes, more heroes, conclusion of season 4 and now season 5, Soul Exchange, more heroes, 2nd costumes for season 1 heroes, more heroes. Nope, didn’t miss much at all, because whatever cycle this thing was on, it’s more of the same.

On to the finer things, oh the pair of Fine Gloves, and I knew you would remember to tag me because of the disproportionate amounts of Gloves than I have the Compasses. Don’t worry, it’s been getting better, now that I am hoarding gems for the most part and slower than before on working on heroes, I have had time to allow RNG to trickle them in where I don’t think I will ever have problems with them any more, the difference between the two is about 103 pairs of gloves to 113 compasses.

Good to see you again, and don’t forget to pop into the F2P rebellion thread once in a while.


Way to go, @Sarah2 , for conjuring up @FrenziedEye for a forum conversation! Good to see you, friend.

This is something I think most of us would aspire to - creating something that lives on after our involvement with it is done. The Rebellion thread remains super-active, and several new folks have jumped in lately because the whole vibe there is just different from the rest of the forum. Not sure what you envisioned when you created what was once known as “Vanilla Milkshake Terror”, but it’s been and continues to be helpful to a lot of folks.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. The latest OP hero that everyone - including me, on occasion - is griping about is Khufu. He’s the only hero in the game that I encounter with any regularity that can literally put an entire team in critical health from full or near full with one shot, and a TPK from one of his specials is not unheard of. And yet the specter of new heroes from beta threatens to wrest the mantle of “most ridiculous hero in the game” from Khufu after a short reign. But hey, at least they finally un-nerfed Vela!

Not to harsh everyone’s mellow, but one of the saddest forum developments was the untimely passing of @TGW. Details here:

That would be @Gryphonknight . Speaking of posters we haven’t seen in way too long… He returned to the game for a stint, but I’m not sure if he’s still playing or not.

Sadly, the devs couldn’t resist the monetary allure of releasing costumes for non-S1 heroes, so now the S1 heroes need second costumes. The idea of costumes as a catch-up mechanism has been totally dumped upon now, as basically the only non-S1s to get them were the ones who were already super-powered to begin with. No love for the mediocre ones for whom costumes could have made a big difference.

Yes, notably @JonahTheBard , who seems to have abandoned us after getting some fancy-schmancy promotion irl, and @Guvnor , who fought and ultimately lost the good fight against aethers and limit breaks.

Then the plan is working. Excellent. :laughing:

@SamMe is one of the forum’s best self-appointed cheerleaders, along with the Rebellion’s resident cheer-spreader, @Gwniver .

Were you able to see your base for all the offer icons? That’s something that has changed. We can barely hunt the ducks anymore between the offers and the Goblin Balloon.

Good to see you, @FrenziedEye , and good to see that your “Speaker of the FTP Rebellion” title is still intact.