🧝 Hammerclang – 5* Fire / Red from Astral Elves

Wasn’t going to pull having all the elves from previous portal (lucky) but then I saw he was changed to fast.

5th pull him with dupe dreadstar.

So would you do him, Ray, Ignazio or dupe lodius?


Both are good just flip a coin

Going to assume that on a Fire mono team, when Torben marks an enemy, then Hammerclang deals damage to 3 others, the enemy that is marked by Torben should pretty much die right after that. Right?

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Heros intéressant quand on peut le maîtriser

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Yes torben is my go to guy he is part of my best attack time I use the same with him and pepper flame

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Added missing space bar to the OP

Bah! Can’t seem to pull this guy. Got Spark and dupe Dread though.


I wonder who is the stronger red, Sparklight or Hammerclang :thinking:

20 characters of Sparklight

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Need advice, got Toon Azlar and Hammerclang and only mats for one. Got a pretty deep roster so just need help deciding which is better.

Toon Alzlar is better for my opinion
20 characters

The OP now contains the April balance update.


absolutely competetive and universal hero// Rogue is definitly effective in defence and offence :star_struck: :heart_eyes:


He’s OP on titans, congratulations!


Around 10pulls. Now i got all but voidstar.

I find hammerclang really usefull for my roster as currently it focuses on high dmg and pure heals. So -30% attack debuff and dmg amplifier should suite my team (def atleast) quite well.

Also wondering if hammerclang can make moonflower more usefull. Goes a bit offtopic but seems that moon needs at least two of these to work fine: def down, dmg amplifier, attack boost.


Pulled Hammerclang and Voidstar with my completion tokens! So I have four elves and two (really one, because one is Kettle) goblins. He should be useful especially on green titans.

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I pulled Demilune and Hammerclsng then pulled Voidstar and Lemmonwood. They are my first Astral heroes. It was a good Friday morning! I had Darts so Lemmonwood was first and is maxed. Just need to get more emblens and finish LB. But who to level next? Im leaning toward Voidstar as I need more healers but Demilune…ah decisions, decisions.
Any suggestions?
I have Eron, Verus, Gestault, Timmius, Thalassa, Farrah, and Medea to name a few. Toxi and Diochan are my 2 best healers tho. Q

How are Hammerclang owners enjoying him? Are you finding uses for him in war or has he been relegated to titan duty?

I think he is awesome. I use him every war, usually in this setup:

If I can get 9 red tiles before enemy fire I win.

Hammerclag is graet on his own too. His damage to main target is high and he helps other heroes hit harder. He also sits in my war team defense on left wing.

I can’t really say anything bad about him, simple but very effective special skill.