Guinevere or Drak Fong who must level up I am a little confused

Guinevere or Drak Fong who must level up I am a little confused

What a lovely dilemma to have…

What do you currently need? Guinevere is the best defensive tank in the game, so if you need a tank, she’s your girl. Drake is a great fast hitter, so if you have a good tank already, do Drake first.

You can’t go wrong with either one


Yeah it definitely depends on your current roster. You definitely can’t go wrong with Guinevere. She will definitely be of use at some point.

If you don’t have any other strong hitters though, Drake Fong might be more useful for now in both offense and defense.

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My current list of heroes is very messy

I’m far from an expert but based on what I’ve picked up from others more knowledgeable I’d guess Guin would be a bigger boost and take out perseus?? Idk I haven’t actually used 5 stars although I battle them often.

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Guin. Drake is worth maxing too but since you have a couple fast hitters already, I’d definitely go guin if you enjoy raiding. Just take a glance at the top 100 teams in cup rankings, you’ll see guin on at least half of them.

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Personally, I don’t have problem to deal with Guin, but GM is imho even better tank, so I’d choose Drake if I were you (or me, cos I’ve got him too:) And I’ve got both Guin and GM.

If your alliance uses a yellow tank strategy on AW then Guinevere is a no-brainer as she is the best tank and require heavy stacking to be defeated.

Gravemaker and Zeline are the best flanking heroes, so your Drake Fong would only be played on wings and if a wing hero is about to fire (even if it’s fast) then maybe some of the attacking heroes is alrady dead, making him potentially hit only one target (if you put frail heroes near your center when attacking, thats is).

Guin. Still the best tank in the game.