Guerreiros @Hispanos

Good afternoon support Empire I hereby hereby leave the discontent of the alliance Warriors @ Hispanos since the criteria of the opponent in the alliance war is completely absurd during 4 consecutive wars we were given to combat teams with power far superior to that of our Alliance. we would like to know the criteria of choice where wars are supposed to be with equal opponents. this always leads to defeat since in addition to the discrepancy between alliances the points that each opponent gives while being defeated are stupidly inconsistent. an opponent with 3000 power of 80 while an opponent with 2800 of 90 points this makes no sense at all. until we opt for a response from you, the Warriors @ Hispanics alliance will not participate in any war.
Best regards
I await an answer.

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According to the FAQ Change Log on June 5, this has been the matching criteria:

To see how the war criteria has evolved since the beginning, you can peruse the whole log here:

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