Guerra y Titan

Empires & Puzzles players.
What do you think of the idea of ​​creating in wars a way that at the end of the war all the players who have participated in the war making all 6 shots and have won it, go directly to face a Titan of an appropriate level for the war? Alliance and fight against a Titan that is Forced to make all the shots (if shots are left they have no reward) since the Titan has as a reward a great loot for all members of the Alliance alike …
When I say big loot, I mean big loot, for example 50 emblems of each family per player.
Or a loot that makes no one drop any shot against that war or any shot against that titan … or abandon that war … in my opinion is a way to motivate players and avoid those leaks in the middle of the war that cause so much anger in alliances
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