Grimm’s Percentage?

The hero Grimm what is his percentage based on

Can anyone answer the question ?

His damage or defense percentage?

Hero percentages as shown on the card will change, sometimes as you ascend them, usually as you max out their special
(8/8). This card is maxed, both in stats and special.

So the 295% of the special keys off Grimm’s attack stat. So, even if you get the special to 8/8 early on, as you level Grimm up, his special will become more powerful.

That’s the general rule for all attacking heroes.

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Hey is there anyway to edit the team in the war like remove one member to add another ?? Thanks

Click alliance tab -> war tab -> battlefield
Theres an ‘edit defence team’ button at the bottom

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That only edits my defence team, I want to remove a player in my alliance and add a different player?

You mean swap an alliance member? That should be done, as far as I know, before preparation starts.


Yes after prep time starts any changes to alliance will only negatively impact war. You can remove a player by kicking him from the alliance. Adding a player will putnthem on spectator mode. This was done to prevent what you’re trying to do


So now that preparation has began, there is no way of doing so so? Or adding another member from the alliance since we are short?

No, these safeguards were put into place to prevent these actions

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Mercs will now be refered to as Spectrs, “Spectators” … :wink: