Green mono, who to ascend for war

What would your line up be out of these and who would you ascend first? Just for war not titan.

Beef up that Hansel and depending on the opponent you can swap him with Caedmon. Need a cleanser or need a witch killer? Interchangeable parts are always a bonus.

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Good call especially since Eve dispels as well.

I’d say Albi and Zocc. You could do Hansel but Zocc is a big brother.

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I would ascend Evelyn to 4.80 first.
Then Almur second.
Maybe even Brianchild third.

Then eventually replace Peters&Caedmon with Zocc&Rat.

You have a lot of good choices there, but would hard pass on Horghall (slow) and Alby (already have Heimdall resurrecting).

I’m not sure what level of teams you are fighting against or how you play or what your troops are… but Mel is a great mid range healer, especially with his costume. Hansel is an awesome multi use hero. Almur would give that mini-Eve power.

Obviously a maxed eve is better than 3/70 eve. Are we to assume you have the mats for her? … If so I’d bump her to first on the list.

Ok. I’m liking the idea of Hansel and Almur until I can get enough mats to have a 5* maxed team.

I keep seeing mixed reviews on Zocc. I’ve used him unleveled on easy missions and wasn’t impressed

Easy answer, ascend Evelyn.

Then look at replacements for Peters and Caedmon. I’d say Hansel, he’s good all around even when you replace him eventually.


I am using mine with high level teams. He is great
Sometimes I would prefer him to Kingston plus 14. Kingston cant kill telluriA but Hansel can…