ℹ Green Knight – 5* Nature / Green from Knights of Avalon

Happy i pulled him. I see a nerf coming. This guy on the same defense with Aramis will be a stupid night mare


20 characters of blueness.


Interesting hero. Does anyone know what the rough equivalent would be in terms of % damage with the priority -24% DD? For example 235% damage after the -24% DD being comparable to say 260% or 280% without DD? If that makes sense :sweat_smile:


63% of votes so far say LB2 him but don’t you kinda want him to die? You don’t want to make him too sturdy with the extra stats do you?


glorified atomos - most annyoing thing will be his fighter class

never ever will he be nerfed lol if you think he might be nerfed anne and jove should be deleted from game :sweat_smile: :rooster:

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They’re not tanks and yes, Jove, and Anne and a few others should definately be nerfed.

we will find out if he is a glorified Atamos in a month.


His skills is so confusing. Who is “they”? Does everyone on the team revives? Or just him?

If it’s just him, then he seems average to me. Just dispel him before killing him. Or block his skill before he fires.

Erlang shen is what I call OP because you can’t get away from the skill damage. In this case, you can.

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If the caster dies during the next 5 turns, they are ressurected…

Not sure why you would think it was confusing, as the wording is no different to any other character that has a revival ability, such as good old Atomos, Cillian, and Nadezhda (and any others), so no reason for it to be construed any differently :person_shrugging:

This is purely a self-revival skill.


Thanks! I guess was thinking too highly of his skill, but in this case just himself revives.

Evelyn, Gpanther, or anyone that can dispel hits first, following by other 2 DPS will kill him and possibly 2 more heroes next to him with no harm.

This hero isn’t worth it in my opinion.

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haha noxyking is back :robot: :rofl:


ditto every other hero in the game except that b------ Aramis

ergo, every hero that isn’t Aramis isn’t worth it.

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I want an orange knight! That should be fuchsia.

I like him and wrote a post about him on my blog for those interested:

Thank you!


Just pulled him!!! Was my favorite story from the Authorian cycle. Super stoked :slight_smile:


Here you go …


Since Kravekrush’s special blocks revives, will it prevent the subsequent damage to all part also?


Super lucky to get him, and he came with his archer friend.


Based on the way the card is written - yes, because Green Knight will do the damage only after they have revived on their next turn.

It would be useful if there is anyone who can test this though! (I have Kravekrash, so, if I spot a Green Knight in raids I will test and update here)

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Any beta around here who knows if Kravekrush for the resurrection of the green knight?