Grazul – New September 2019 HOTM (Hero of the Month): First Thoughts & Discussion

“All allies are immune to new status ailments for 2 turns”.

Yes, the immune is dispellable, so it can bypass the immune, but the immune is not a buff, so nothing advantage here.

Ranger advantage is for opponent that has defense buff and counter attack. Thats it.


Potential advantage is for Eve to be able to bypass it and still add the nature defense debuff… hmmmm… that’s interesting.

No… it is written only when attacking…

Pierce: +5% chance to bypass defensive buffs when attacking. This includes counterattacks.

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Okay … so if Eve uses her special, and pierce activates… there is no chance for her to add a debuff through grazul’s immunity? I wasn’t sure how pierce worked when it came to status effects and such.

This is a good question, and I don’t actually know :slight_smile:

The best way to test if this is possible, is to take Tiburtus or Berden with emblems to a S2 stage where Gato is the boss.

(or Alasie / Athena / Evelyn if you’re lucky enough to have them, you get the idea)


I was asked my opinion on Grazul:

Click for Meta design notes

I like heroes with long duration special skills ( like Ramming Pulverizer) since the computer is dumb at special skill use. Especially if using 4* ascension items.

But Devs have learned 5* with long special skills buffs/ debuffs are a problem ( see Athena the most individually nerfed hero in the game ). So long special special buffs/ debuffs are slow ( allowing them to be cleansed or overwritten) or weak ( having a small impact). As a general rule, the shorter a duration on a 5* special skill buff/ debuff, the stronger the Devs intended the buff / debuff ( millions of users may prove the Devs wrong. )

Like rumored Grimble ( anti Delilah ), Grazul is lots of what players wanted in a healer ( no more slow healers, stop turning boss monsters into heroes, titans’ one shot one kill glass cannon healers, etc. ) but those wishes are all crammed into the same hero that taken as a whole is very good in a very small niche ( anti Sand Empire hero? ).

But Very Fast makes up for a multitude of weaknesses.

According to a very good friend of mine, Grazul is not a bad hero, so players with only her will level her.

But every time you look at her role, another hero is already there.

I would call Grazul the ultimate generic attack healer. Grazul can be used anywhere a red attack healer would be used, and will be useful, just seldom super super useful.

If I got Grazul I would level her because I love healers in Empires with an irrational passion.

I also have a bad habit of falling in love with glass cannons ( Wu Kong, Melendor, Grimm, Scarlett, etc. ). Grazul is very sturdy. My roster has too many glass cannons so Grazul would balance my roster.

But like Wilbur, without Falcon, I am not sure how often I will use Grazul if the account had another good red 5* hero or red 4*+18 hero.


Glad to see you’re coming around :wink:

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Grazul is anti AOE tanks when attacking (Yunan / Kunchen / Santa / Isarnia / Azlar / Justice / etc)

You can time her heal right before the enemy fires (assuming you fail to kill the tank).
Her very fast mana makes her possible to protect the whole team.


I got Grazul during Avalon event, and now slowly level her up.

I’m going to try her along with Margaret. I think they complement each other nicely (both Very Fast). I like idea of protecting half of the team from the damage, while protecting entire team from debuffs and healing them.

Grazul is just as amazing on defense as she is on offense. With only 2 hitters my defense regularly sends me into the top 100 with way more victories than defeats. Much better than when I had Gravemaker in her position.

The last 4 times I logged off were:
33W 17L
24W 13L
23W 15L
12W 8L



Don’t forget Leonidas. He takes -40% mana from enemy

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Thanks @majanjani, I haven’t pulled him yet but he would fit right in.

:drooling_face: :drooling_face: :drooling_face: :drooling_face:

(20 blah blahs)

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I’m wondering about this too -

What I’ve found is no matter who you use at tank, there’s a pretty good chance they die - especially with the power inching up.

I’ve done better with a capsule tank than an integrated tank (examples below) because she smooths seems too smooth out the bumps vs just provide more power…

Capsule tank — selfish type whose skills used on itself are really good, but what is integrated wit the team isn’t totally vital. Say …someone like Arthur.

Integrated tank - Lots of examples… but say Poisdeon with his big boom and shield all from two types of common attacks.

Gaz can nestle in with the rest of the team and keep them steady, even if she cant keep the tank alive and this is amplified when using two; especially with other v. Fast or fast but strong offensive cards…

Wondering if there’s a particular tank she shines with —

I haven’t had issues with her doing much beyond mitigating damage and delaying the outcome — she’s simply less of a threat as her team(especially the hitters) dies off

But if the other cards are able to charge up very quickly too… that two tick shield can be lethal, and can stack if another is added in the right mix.

I found myself goin after the support attackers first when I see her — good success; as she may be fast; but she’s only healing what I’m not paricularly afraid of

LSS: aren’t v fast cards fun? :slight_smile:

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Dear Grazul,

I’m really sorry I said your new name was ugly. I was just used to your pet name Eggnog.

Now that I’ve apologized and acknowledge your might and new name, could you give me the honor of showing up when I Summon thee?

It would be awesome to have you in my Roster.

I’ll be waiting. Boldie and Anzo are anxious to have you there too.



Good luck! I hope Grazul makes an appearance for you. Going for her during Atlantis?

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…. just gonna leave this here… :grin:


She would pose a problem with raiders if they fail to kill the tank in the first few turns as Grazul charges up very quickly and heals. Just imagine a Kunchen tank that you fail to kill and Grazul buys him at least another 2 turns before he launches his massive heal/cleanse/AOE debuff.

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meekly responds @AirHawk

I use a rainbow for raids, don’t reroll, don’t revenge and rarely kill Kunchen tanks first — unless it lines up organically…

I prefer to pick off the flanks/wings around him by using him to spar with

My standard lineup is

Alby - Grave - Posideon - Kage - Ariel

4/80 +7 on all but Grave (4/80 +0)

Red or Purple are the swap in points - do better then you’d think

I like the fights but don’t really about cups or ranking beyond diamond

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