Goblin Balloon -- General discussion, complaints, venting etc... :)

So basically it’s much worse than rare titan, where you get about the same drop rate 4* asc. items for free

Decided to recycle my second Balloon. The end result is amazing :scream:


I haz now recycled many balloons over many accounts. And I am here to bring you all the gud nooz!

Every balloon I got, I got at least 1 of the shiny gold treasury boxes in it. Gave me my choice between some emblemz or EHT or a hidden blade. Eggsighting stuffs for sure! And all for the low low price of $2 USD a peace (or $6 for the hole shebozz).

There haz been much discushinz about what slot those shinies pop up in. For me, they have always popped up in either slot number 2, 3, or 4. With no rhyme or reason, because dey iz randomz!!!

Except that u only evar gitz 1 of dem no matter what.

The recycled lootz, now that is where the real eggsightment comes in…

I haz been told that we can haz compasses and stuffs from that!

Well I haz recycled like I said over half a dozen of them myself and am now the proud owner of many leafs and rocks and feathers and pieces of string. Of which I never would have had oppertooniteez to get without the great and all mitey blessed Boblin Galloon.

Thank u so much Zocc, u haz improvedid my gameplay experiunse so very much so.


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Goblin balloon is terrible. These loot boxes are useless. I got 14k food and iron from it… Whoopie.

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14k food you didn’t have though right??

It’s still causing me zero issues. It’s not actually in the way, it just floats there and when full I just recycle it. I’ve recycled 3, had reasonable food and iron and a trap tool (not that I need it, but still)

I can’t imagine it’s made them much money so they will review I’m sure. The chest loot needs to be more enticing. If that happens the balloon may start to serve a purpose.

You can choose not to spend, I can choose to spend. Both are choices we get to make but splashing your silly hashtag on every post doesn’t really change minds…


You can choose to spend, but why would you? You support a blatant garbage level cash grab? I guess you can, and you can hit yourself in the balls with a hammer too but is it a good idea? Maybe you’d like it.

Me, I think I’ll not spend until issues are addressed like refunds for ascension materials on nerfed Heroes, fixed hero academy (it sucks) and this goblin cash grab is fixed or worth doing.

14k food is worth literally nothing to me, I would rather have the dumb balloon garbage out of the way when I’m hunting ducks.


There is a 0% chance I’ll ever pay for the trash in the crates, but it’s another “small amount of loot” source for free, so happy it’s there.

Because it’s my money and I can do want with it? If I want to go to the local wishing well and throw it all in that’s my choice. If you want to stand and shout at me whilst I’m doing it well that’s your choice.

Maybe my wish will come true, maybe not. But I’m smiling so money well spent.

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You’re really struggling with the concept, eh?

I never said you couldn’t do what you wanted with your money.

Scroll up, I asked why you would. Your answer was “cuZ I kAn”.
But just because you CAN, doesn’t mean you SHOULD. You haven’t offered a reason beyond “derp derp it’s muh money” and that’s not a reason unto itself.

You could jump off a trampoline onto the ground, face first… But should you? Is that a good idea? By your logic, it is, simply because you can.

Just for you: #NOSPEND


Here’s the thing, I’m a responsible adult who works hard for his money. I pay my bills, the mortgage etc etc. What’s left is mine to enjoy.

Now “enjoy” as it happens is a personal thing. If I want to buy gems and try and summon a new hero that’s my choice, not yours. You have decided that people need to stop spending because it furthers your agenda. But your agenda isn’t the same as mine.

You can believe I’m a brainless idiot if you wish. Again, your choice.

But the fact remains that I’m able to have a choice. So you can plaster your nospend all over the walls if you like. If I want to ignore you and keep living my life how I want then I can.

So again, spend if you want to. Don’t spend if you don’t want to. Both fine choices.


Yeah, you’re trying to argue that you have a choice… And that was never up for debate.

Reread my previous post and try again.


Even if ignored it keep the chests in reserve for you to buy?
Full + 5 in waiting?

My experience is that it is lost forever.

That’s kind of the nature of business. They provide goods and services with the intent of making money. Without spending, there is no game…

See it as a zen challenge. I have now achieved the state in which I can mostly ignore the balloon :wink:

I have to recognize that the ninja tower is even worthless! But please, don’t send me the balloon any more, because I won’t spend a cent on it and it is very disgusting to see it on the sky of my stronghold! Thank you in advance.


I don’t spend on the balloon either, but recycling it does give you free stuff :thinking:. Free is good, No?


This is my attitude. I even pulled some trap tools from my last recycle, which was unexpected and welcome. I don’t spend on the balloon either, but the aesthetics of my stronghold don’t bother me much if the result is free, useful loot.


Agreed on the free stuff. Would be kind of cool if you could shoot it out of the sky in a blaze of glory. Much like how you can tap down the birds and dragon that fly by.


True. Although… You might have to pay gems for that :rofl::joy:

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