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We now have this ghastly thing hanging over our base. Very few care for yet another micro transaction tool instead of actual reward improvements so they decide to make it big and force it in our faces. Just another greedy ploy that make people want to spend less because mats dried up behind paywalls.

Move it below the Titan chest along with Monster & Raid.

Edit: it gets in the way of hunting ducks

Better yet, remove it and restore loot from existing chests since you nerfed everything to death


I don’t know why but it is missing in my base…

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It appear after getting first goblin chest


Complete raid chest or monster chest. It will be added

You probably just haven’t opened a chest since last update, it will come

Then I will have to wait for 2 minutes… :sweat_smile:

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It will show up when you complete monster or raid chest.

If there is a crate in there, not sure if all chest contain it, don’t care, didn’t bother to read the beta beat

Ah right… it appear…

The positioning seems too close to the base…

It’s random. Why am I not surprised?

I opened a second chest and no crate in there.


I’ve opened 4 chests so far and nothing yet.

For an ugly extra paywall you’d think there would be more of them…


I try to shot down the birds and it open the balloon instead…

@KiraSG @Petri can it be moved a little higher?


These only money because they do not give free all that only they think about them and we where we are :rage::rage::rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Hi all!

Frankly, there is nothing (maybe except the 10xloot ticket) that I would like to buy from the Mystery Crate.

Appealing items for high level players:

4* ascension items
golden tokens
flasks (world energy flask is actually the best item in the game for us)
10x tornado
maybe 4* trainer heroes
maybe 5x scroll of alteration
maybe large food and iron bundles

We certainly don’t need any ingredients or ascension items, not even scarce ones.
No battle items with exception of tornados.
No 2* Trainer Heroes, is that a joke?


So true

I looked down that list and thought “why the heck would anyone buy this bunch of dross?”

I would do to your list emblems, and special Summon coins like Valhalla or Atlantis which are on the list . Probably not interested in golden tokens so much, but each to their own. Fact remains that a lot of the list is either farmable or meaningless


Yeah, emblems added.

I thought there was chance of getting a legendary crate as one of the five ‘earned’ crates… is that not accurate?

Agreed the ‘bonus’ crate doesn’t seem great. I mean the five you work towards earning.


The crate you get has a star value as well as the other items in the game. So if you got a 3* crate, there is some 3* material inside. At least I think that is how it works.



Good catch. Hoping to see some good five-star crates/items to make this worthwhile at times!

Where do I find this so called mystery crate? I must have missed it.

Yeah not sure about that, mine was three star but contained Caltrops, which is ostensibly a five star item. I think the crates might all be threes, with a small chance at a four? Not sure, let’s wait and see