Game glitch on titan


Just attacked a titan and checked my scores. Almost 16k is missing.


Post a screenshot of the attack log you did.


This happened to me with the following situation:
If you were fighting at the same time as others in your alliance, and the Titan was defeated during this turn, then the final assessment of your damage may be adjusted to reflect what your score was at the actual time the Titan was defeated.
… As far as I know or guess because even if someone else beats the Titan while you’re playing the server let’s you finish the round (or maybe the Titan escaped timer ran out just after you started the round??)


Hi Nick,
Can’t, never have had a problem before, so I didn’t do anything like taking a screen shot. I just thought that support might have been able to verify on your end.
Oh well. Thanks anyway and have a great weekend,
Aka Rarney Bubble


Hi John,
Titan is in early stages. At the time, I was the fifth player of my alliance to
attack the titan. When I went to check scores, an error message appeared on my screen. I backed out of the game and back to the titan to check scores. Again the error message appeared. I then did a phone reset and loaded the game. I checked the scores and noticed one wasn’t counted, it was the last one that didn’t post.
I nobody else in my alliance had any issues, just me. Never had any problems before until today. Isolated incident I call it.
Have a great weekend,
Aka Rarney Bubble


Please screenshot this if it happens again and request Game Support: