Game freezing Over and Over

Today it was during a raid tourney flag, yesterday during a regular raid. Both of which the game gave me no credit for killing anyone. I’ve got a galaxy note 9, running Android version 10 and the latest EnP. The game is freezing 3-5 times daily.

Have you tried from a different device to completely rule out your phone?

Don’t have that option. But enp is the only app on my phone that freezes

Probably a silly question, have you

  1. tried uninstalling it and installing it again?
  2. Clearing your cache for the game?
  3. Seeing if your phone’s OS is up to date?

I’ve tried all of those, including a os update that came out a week ago

Out of curiosity, have you been experiencing your phones actual service going out as well? (Sorry, I.T. guy by trade, so I’m doing my checklist here, sorry for playing “20 Questions”)

Not sure I have noticed that. I have noticed that the game seems to freeze most when I’m either swapping from line into the game, or it I am enping, get home, and have my phone connect to my wifi in the midst of the game. The one today happened without any of the above occurring.

Could be worse. Could have your E&P account moved from your google play account to some random one that you’ve never heard of. Have an alliance member that is in the middle of this exact scenario.

When was the last time you factory reset your phone? It is good to do that every once in a while. My phone, in particular, was dropping service and being slow. Did a factory reset and everything is good as new.

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