Game crash in raid

Don’t care about the flag or cups, but given all the recent reports of crashes I suspect there’s a memory leak. Putting info here in case there’s anything of use to the devs. This is the first time in a long time that it’s crashed on me.

Happened ~3 pm EST US, Sunday, Dec 27.

Had not been in game long; got a war result screen, looked at alliance chat and typed something quickly. Collected training camp, food, and iron. Leveled a hero. Did 3 revenges, game crashed near end of 3rd.

My AL has nowhere near 100 combinations in any of the 3 I’m using. HA is 1 each (troop and hero retraining).

iPad Air 2, 64 GB (13 free), 75% charge, on wifi. Latest iOS (14.2)

My game sometimes crashes when i try to rematch an opponennt but they suddenly come online.

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Same problem here…

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Same thing here…

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My game also crashed well in a raid but it was a war raid so i lost a war flag, cant use that team again and got a 0 because i had just stared

Same here I’ve noticed this in the last few weeks that every time after losing a raid if i want to rematch but my opponent goes online if I click reroll the game crashes.

My crash wasn’t when trying to raid, it was in the middle of a battle.

this is a very common problem i’m sure it will be fixed…

Had the same problem on raiding. Looks like after a month and half the issue still exists. Maybe classified as minor bug can’t be bothered to pay this detail …

Season 3 hard mode with many WE wasted… game crashed… :man_shrugging:

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