Gaillard & Exploding Fiends

This isnt a complaint … only an observation & discussion topic.

From my understanding of the English language … Gaillard’s protection from damage from Fiends should … but doesn’t … include protection from Exploding Fiends.

If this is truly desired by SGG … and not a bug … then somewhere the wording needs to change.

Im not even sure where or how to word it … on Gaillard or the Fiend Giver.

One could argue that the explosion is not directly attributed to the Fiends … but a Suicide Bomber is (IMHO) directly responsible for the damage they caused

probably a bug
i remember that exploding fiends were introduced after he was released

Exploding fiends most definitely were not out before Gaillard. Gaillard and Peñolite appeared in November of 2021 and that was when season four had just ended because Hulda was featured before the first black Friday portal.