Fusion of two alliances

I want to propose an easy way how to make quickly one alliance of two.


Letnie me explain on two alliance: A and B.

Alliance A leader is having an option to propose a fusion with another alliance.

He finds an alliance B to fusion and sends a proposal to the B’s leader. While creating a proposal, leader A chooses a name and logo of fusioned alliance.

B’s leader receives a message to his mailbox: “You have received a fusion proposal from alliance A”. He can check the proposal, where he sees a name and logo of new alliance. He can accept or decline. After clicking “Accept”, in his alliance there appears a snapshot where all allies must VOTE. They have (for example) 2 days to vote “yes” or “no”. Snapshot Tales place in both alliances.
If a half od allies voted “yes” both A and B, alliances become a one.

Technical solutions:

  • Total amount of members after fusion can’t be higher than 30.
  • Leader can send a fusion proposal only after the war has ended.
  • While proposal is sent and voted, both alliances can’t take part in wars.
  • Titan raids are stopped

Hi @juzekxx02

Interesting idea but not sure what problem this solves?

I don’t see how it really improves on leaders having a discussion and then members joining one or other of an alliance?

Members who vote ‘no’ and then have the move forced on them are surely likely to just leave?

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Not every idea must solve a problem. It’s Just an idea to add some feature - feature that might create a strong alliance in a fast way. That may also decrease amount of small alliances ex. with one on few members.

And this are the answers for your questions;

  • After sending a fusion proposal, the alliance You want to fusion has 72h to discuss it. Then the leader accepts the proposal and voting starts. Leader might decline the offers. That’s why I think there is no necessity to communicate. This process will also appear in low-ranked alliance or in cases where an alliance want to invite a strong player, who is alone on his alliance.
  • Players who voted “no” l, after voting passed are staying with no alliance.

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