Frosty and Rudolph ... keep or use as trainers?

Since they are just three stars are these two good for anything? Or just trainers with a seasonal flair?

Both are good for challenge events and raid tourneys. I have maxed 4 reindeer after getting them in 2018 xmas and just recently the ice healer. I’d level at least one of each of them.


Frosty is actually pretty helpful. He heals and summons minions for everyone. so Using him in something like a bloody battle will come in handy, even if he can’t heal, he gives the minions as little shields. Him and someone like Kvasir will be helpful in those tournaments


I belive Frosty is only *3 blue healer ( not 100 % sure ). So keep him, dont eat him.


Both are great for 3*'s

For three stars yes. Rafael is the only other blue healer I know of. But he, hawk moon, and blithe are the only 3* healers in the game, so definitely keep him. Plus he summons minions so its even better.


Kiril also blue healer.

The best description of Frosty I’ve heard is that he’s a 3* Delilah, pretty high praise. Rudolph is also a pretty solid 3* hero.

Bottom line - if you compete in 3* events and/or 3* raid tourneys you’re going to need good 3* hero’s. These fit that Bill.

Of course if you’re already set for 3s they may be unnecessary, but as mentioned above Frosty is the first 3 blue healer and just about everyone could use one. I’ve got 2.

Kiril mentioned above is a 4* hero.

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Thanks. Looks like I will be keeping.

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Raffaele is also blue healer hotm. Also friar tuck is another 3" healer though not heal all.

Raffaele and Frosty are not the only blue healers. As mentioned above, Kiril is also a healer. Aegir may also be considered as a healer in 2 ways, tile damage and Element Link. And the best of them all, Ariel.

Don’t forget Grevle. Fully emblemed, he rivals some 5 star heroes’ defense Stat at 721. He and Gunnar with maxed costume bonus are the only two 3* heroes that exceeds 700 defense Stat when emblemed. I don’t know about other 3 star heroes as I haven’t emblemed them prioritizing the defense shield

Also friar tuck is another 3" healer though not heal all.

If Friar Tuck were blue, then he’d be Merely Worthless, instead of Super Extra Triple Hyper Worthless as he is as a green. I would rather summon a hero that self-immolates than one more blasted Friar Tuck.

I do not like him near or far
I do not like him in a car
I do not like him on a plane
That Friar Tuck makes me insane!

Anyway, Belith is a great 3* green healer. Hawkmoon’s costume makes her a terrific 3* red healer. Frosty is a fine 3* blue healer, and you should train him if you receive him. If you receive a Friar Tuck, you should serve him with leeks and shallots to … literally any other hero in the world. Yes, even Noor. Yes, even Brand. Yes, even Teddy, the Undeveloped Wood Louse Grub.

I hate Friar Tuck.


Rudolph as a fast red has many comparable Season 1 heroes. So is not as unique, except for the minion part.

Frosty, on the other hand, as has been mentioned is the only blue 3* healer.

If you use both together, the Christmas family bonus gives stronger minions too

I have a for giggles raid vid I did of all Christmas heroes. 3 were completely unleveled. 1500 TP difference and I beat them. Mono+19 Santa 1/1 Krampus +20 Carol 1/1 and Frosty 1/1. Was entertaining to do and oh my lord minions everywhere. I’d keep Frosty for sure he’s a really solid 3*

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