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Feel like I was set up for failure to spend gems in the raid tournament. 2 Opponents at least 200 lower team power. Can’t use blue on this raid. So guess what board is loaded with blue. Gets opponents mana at full power and lose within 3 turns. So I spend the gems to continue. Next opponent higher power then my team. And I win
What I’m trying to say is the boards on every attack format aren’t random. If you stack any color that color is always the lowest color on the board. If I don’t have a green hero green gems every where. Why is that? Last thing I would like say is I need a freaking royal tabard!

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Welcome to the conspiracy club! :wink:



@JonahTheBard To be fair, maybe the OP meant “lowest color on the board” literally.

You do indeed have the stacked color in the bottom row in each of those screenshots.

And also the top row.

And also every other row.

And also the center column.

…just in case we’re unsure of what “lowest” refers to.


Because the game wants you to lose. You have to remember, if you lose, the computer tile generator wins. So why would it want you to have good tiles? Think about it.