Fiend effect not instantaneously removed when fiend is replaced

One of the ways to remove fiends is to summon 3 minions for your heroes. I’ve been testing a mono team for that to combat Hannah + Elizabeth defenses. The scenario is as follows:

  • enemy Hannah fires on my team, hitting Krampus, Frosth, Magni
  • I manage to get enough tiles to trigger my specials and do it carefully in the order of:
  1. Glenda
  2. Frosth
  3. Krampus

Order on Krampus is that he summons minions first, that is the third minion for everyone and should remove the negative attack, so Krampus’ attack up should be applied to all heroes. However even though the fiend was removed the icon from Hannah still remains and only disappears at the end of turn, so attack up is not applied to those 3 heroes.
Unfortunately no video or screenshot but should be replicable.


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