🔵 [Feb 26, 2020] Trials of Decimation Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

Same team

Good board to start, got the fast one first

Took some hits with a slow board but the 3 healers kept me in it

Guinevere will get the emblems and maybe Magni when i get him maxed


Same team as last time.

I didn’t use any items, but a bad board, combined with Ulmer -defence and Oberon’s DoT almost killed all of my heroes.

Emblems will go to Hel and Magni.

P.S. Today I also learnt that if the enemy has 1 HP, Anzogh will heal for 0 :joy:


Wrong clip. That’s Piety.


Oops, fixed now!!

20 thanks :slight_smile:


Last time I wrote:

…but I changed to a 3-2 stack with “one day I’ll max him, I promise”-Colen :smiley:

My team this time - it went okay.

Proteus died the turn before both purple bosses were killed from his poison, lol…

  • Wizard for Proteus
  • Fighter for…still another Boldie or Colen…
  • trainer goes to Ursl

Dammit! The new Costume implementation is really bad! I couldn’t use Boldtusk because he is used in War / Weekly Tournament.

Anyway, this is my team and the items used. I maxed my second Proteus only for this trial and it’s the second time he’s doing just great. The bosses never charged any mana. :heart_eyes:


Well the game decided I should take BT, Hu Tao, Yunan, Hel and Kiril…so I said “Why not”.

Cruised through this one with hardly a though. Hel kept the bosses on lockdown, Hu gave them a little blind and Yunan did his “here have some sand in your eye, did I mention it’s poison” routine…everyone died.

Cheshire will eventually get the trainer as I’ve just decided I should probably max on of the 5 I have.

Nada on reset


Took this

Emblems all in storage to decide who gets them Kingston or Poseidon (maxed) and guin zeline JF :woman_shrugging: Once I start them which will be soon.
Trainer rigard


Grats!! Awesome job :smile:

No changes for me. The team makes me feel a bit uncomfortable:

Results are always the same though :smiling_imp: :skull:

Sartana got a workout today, she blasted the :speak_no_evil: :speak_no_evil: :speak_no_evil: out of everybody.


Clearly, here was a Class Quest that I could manage. Nothing like having Jean-Francois’ special to really mess over Ulmer’s All-Enemy Defense Down. Used Minor Antidotes to undo Oberon’s poison. Lost a hero, but a single Potent Mana was the only Battle Item I used graded over 1 star.


Poseidon, Panther, Proteus, BT and Magni…
This one usually goes by pretty quick. Proteus stops the bosses very effectively.


My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

BT out, 2nd Proteus join… will see if this works better or not.
Did not notice if minor mana is only 2 left (need lether strips more to craft duh!)

On Bench


The Battle

All mana charged except Kiril, no item used so far, great start and decent board.

All bosses did not cast any skill at all, but those slash attack is very very danger! I should standby bomb activate all the time, next time! Only Poseidon last man standing.

The Reward

Emblem fighter: so many competion and not yet decide which one should I emblem :man_facepalming:
Emblem wizard: this too… actually planing for Onatel (3.70), but she is already nerfed! in V27, so maybe Kiril, 2nd Proteus or Anzogh, or wait for JF.
Trainer keep later for Jabbar.


Forgot pics last time

Swapped out Kiril for costumed Mel this time . Not too difficult, Mel’s defense and heal over time is great for these events. Combined with some hard hitters and Proteus’ mana freeze, it was a pretty easy match. I did use some mana and health potions, to fire Mel and Proteus during bad boards.

Emblems saved for now, trainer goes to BK who is now over 4/50 and almost ready to unleash. Contemplating stripping Grimm+20 for the Barbarian emblems to give to BK, but unsure if I want to lose his efficiency on blue 4* team.


They should implement sth that rewards emblem spreading to weaken those players who have almost all emblems on their def.

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Last time was basically the same thing but slightly lower level on some things.

I swear this last fight always feels like a slog, and those guys hit hard too.

I decided to reset my primary Rigard and am out of food and metal, sadly. Only Kiril would go up, anyway, because I have no pending wizards in the wings. I might start embleming a second one and rip them off if/when Sartana shows up, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Ty zephyr! :wave:


My other option would be to strip him to add to Kage, so it’s a tough decision for me, but looks like BK would be most helpful.


I will give Kiril all the emblems, I can spare. He is really helpful: healing + attack + defense, you can use him almost everywhere… In my roster he faces the problem, that I also have Guinevere…


Kiril+7, Sartana, Colen+18, Anzogh+7, Boldtusk+18

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Wouldn’t this already weaken their war teams.?

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Posting late for posterity. My team this time:

  • Poseidon +4
  • Onatel +6
  • Kiril +20
  • Boldtusk +20
  • Colen 4^70

Same crew as last time. Poseidon up one talent; Onatel up 3.

My favorite trial, because it is so easy with this crew. Colen is squishy, and one day, I will probably replace him with Elena, but for now, BT and Kiril can keep him alive. Reached the boss wave with all specials charged. The board dictated that I should focus on Balthazar. The only notable event was that I had a one-turn gap between Boss Ulmer firing and Kiril reversing the debuff. In that one turn, two bosses used regular attacks on Poseidon and killed him, which kinda pissed me off, but it was an otherwise negligible development, as Balthazar, Ulmer, and Oberon fell in succession. OK, two notable events - each boss burned to death on Colen’s DoT, so that was kind of fun, and it made him feel like he fits in with the big boys (and girl!) for once. Never even looked at a battle item - even a healing potion - which was cool.

Emblems take Poseidon to +5; wizard emblems in storage for Onatel. (Both are on my defense team, so they get these emblems for the foreseeable future.) Trainer hero to duplicate Rigard.