Favorite and least favorite hero design

I’m just curious to hear other people’s opinions.

Which hero has your favorite design and why?

My answer is Lady Locke. I like how she’s partially skeletal (one leg, one arm, and a peek of ribcage), and her dress and color scheme are fun.

Which hero has your least favorite design and why?

I say Kadilen. She’s doing that annoying comic book heroine pose that displays both her butt and her boobs, and her big lips annoy me.


Fun topic!

I have two favorites…Kiril for being totally adorable, and Domitia for her amazing steampunk vibe, although I’d give the girl more fabric on the top half.

I tend to cringe when the women’s art comes out with only strips of cloth the attacking bear must have missed, or panties forgotten in the melee, but accept it with a snicker, since I only have to look at their faces on my team 90% of the time.

The only one that creeps me straight out to the point that no matter how amazing he is, I’ll never use him: Grimm. If I ever end up with him, he’ll get fed to someone else, pronto, just to make him go away!


Kiril, Horghall, and Justice are some of my favs. I’m kinda partial to Gormek, too, though those tiny ankles irk me.

Aside from the absurdly clad ladies, I guess the worst of em is Ares and his awful little head.

justice top and ares head flop. please make his head bigger

Favourite: the animal heroes, hands down.

Least: Over-armoured men (Perseus, Ares) and the scantily clad ladies. I mean, really?

Honourable mention: Thorne’s weapon. It’s like Lord Farquaad’s castle…


Justice the best for me.
Concept, pose, her gaze, even her name fitting.
And i do like the Merlin originality.

Bottom of the list surely Leonidas (that we have seen is a copycat of Karil) and, sadly, Elena.

The main character of the game had no love at all compared to the other super-cool heroines.

The worse bad bad dont like BLOIMER after 8 singel push only on 4* had and its suck pff.

Good topic, and many good comments above. Justice is great.

I’d also give high marks to Horghall. Great touches throughout, including th fungi on the leggings.

Tibertus’s face looks like the plastic surgeon didn’t do very well after Tibby survived a blast from Colen. I’m also no fan of Perseus—he looks like he was in Pepsodent toothpaste ads in the 1950s.

In general armor and weapons are completely unrealistic. I guess it’s supposed to look heroic, but it just looks awkward.


Grimm: a little something for the ladies. :wink:

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There are quite a few copycats. Dawa/Fletcher, Jenneh/Kailani, Hawkmoon/Sabina…

i loathe tiburtus’ artwork. the pose is so flat, his outfit is dumb and his face is awful. he’s like a bad villain from a 60’s comic book.
jackal is an awesome design, as is owl. Layla is cool too… and hey! she isn’t just wearing underwear!


Layla has long been my favorite, but that’s partly due to her function. I intend to only use heroes I have for this, so let’s see:

  • Rigard, the fashionable knight (healer). Love his style. This is the guy I’d want to rescue me from a tall tower. :grin:

  • Skittleskull, the creepy…goblin? This is the guy who prolly put me in the tall tower in the first place!


Li Xiu just looks too much like Melania Trump. I also agree with the many who have realized that the women need a bit more armor and a bit less skin. I think the monkeys- Wu and the 3* one whose name I’m forgetting- look kind of creepy.

Favorites- I like the look of Azlar, I like the warrior queen look of Guinevere, I like Master Lepus (it’s fun to see a warrior bunny) and I like LIttle John.


Rigard always makes me think of the box art for an old Atari game called “Warlords”.

I think Justice is my favorite artwork, off the top of my head. Kiril and Boril work for me too.

My least favorite is just the repetition and reusing of parts from one hero to create another.

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(The Justice card is pretty awesome, but my rules for me were, “It must be a card you actually have…”) :grin:

its funny, there was another game i was thinking about that rigard looked like, but i can’t remember the name. definitely does look like the warlords guy. :rofl:

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Also note that you can get full-body artwork scrolling through the epic summons preview. I realized that Horghall’s leg fungi are only visible there.

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I just wanted to stop in and show my appreciation for Brienne. I think she looks really cool and I think I like her details more than anyone else’s. She’s adorable and fierce, like some cute wild animal.

Eh, least favorite I guess is Magni. Oh, don’t get me wrong I like his stats I just feel his model looks like it’s from 90’s video toaster, like he was in The Lawnmower Man.


Yes, I also like Brienne! In fact, her face is my in-game avatar. SO FIERCE!

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I like the look of Hu Tao—it’s just that that tiny little twig in his big, meaty paws looks awkward and useless.

If he had a more well-proportioned weapon (or even an exaggerated, massive one akin to Little John or Gormek or Thorne) he’d be a favorite of mine for sure.

Someone said they didn’t like Elena… I know her exposed midriff is ridiculous, but that aside, I’ve always kinda liked the look of her. :slight_smile:

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