Fate's Revenge is Recruiting; Trophy 200+, Level 15+


We are looking for daily active players that will help in hitting the titan with us every day and participate in alliance wars twice a week! We are a relatively new and friendly alliance with some strong and experienced players, all whom are ready and willing to answer questions and help out when needed as we grow together!

We have only a few rules! You don’t have to be the best player but we do ask that you be active, hit the titan, and participate in alliance wars. If you are inactive for more than three days prepare to be kicked unless you have communicated you will be absent.

At the moment our min trophy is set at 200, and we ask that you be at a level 15 or above.

We hope that you will join us!

Still have an opening? Level 22. 900 trophies. 2600 ttp daily player.

Yes we have one opening left! If I’m not there tell them DiJai sent you

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