Fastest Way To Gain Iron?

This sounds like a stupid and obvious question.
I have my SH upgrading to Level 19 right now. I will need to get all of my Iron Storage to what, Level 18 I think I saw someone say. This is fine and they take 1 day 12hrs to do. But so it doesn’t take TOO much longer after my SH being upgraded, how can I get more Iron, easier and faster?

I always try do Titans, I use all my raid energy, WE… I do challenge/quest events.
I have my Mine’s at Lvl 11, 11, 13 and 15.
They seem to be quite slow though and it will be a day or multiple days to get enough for just 1 Iron Storage. Is there some way to get them faster, or just keep doing what I am doing?

I am only a c2p (VIP with some cheap deals). I mention this because I don’t want to be buying gems to fill my iron.

The fastest way is actually filling up your Wanted chest. The higher level your iron storage is the more iron you get!


I have my game closed, but I think I have 3 at 17, and 2 at 16. Or the other way around. It was just enough to upgrade my SH from 18 to 19 (Iron Storage total is approx 1738k).

Alternatively, you need to farm like a mad man during Atlantis Rises but they have nerfed the length :frowning: . I save all my WE flasks for Rises since alongside Backpacks, I also need a tonne of iron to help craft battle items for the monthly challenges. I usually farm S2 1-2N and 1-9N because backpacks is my primary goal, but if you are going for pure iron S2 9-10N gives you a good bunch along with plenty of Experience.
To give you a rough idea of how much iron I farmed this Atlantis just gone, I crafted 220 axes/ arrows/ bombs each, 60 dragon attacks and 20 tornadoes.


Hit the gym and pump it!!!

Like genuine said, chests help immensely if your storages are at max level. I also try to raid only opponents with 10k+ iron. Just reroll until you find an opponent who has the resources. Usually, if they have 10k+ iron, they have 20k+ ham, so it pays itself for the rerolls.

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How are your iron mines?

I usually upgrade some mines when I start a SH upgrade till I get more iron.

Does nobody raid anymore? You get more here than on the map. And I wouldn’t ignore those mines either.


My mines are: 11, 11, 13 and 15.
Completing my wanted + raid missions I only received 38k Iron for wanted and 60k for Raids. Obviously helps but still taking a while. To upgrade each of my Iron Storage I need about 850k+ so it’s going to take longer (I think) than my SH is. Ideally I would have loved to time it so some were upgraded as the SH 19 finished.

I feel a waste for my second builder whilst I wait. I don’t want to upgrade anything using my iron, obviously, and I need my Food right now also (I have a few 4* I am upgrading + plenty of 3*) so don’t want to be spending 100k to upgrade the Mines. Ironically, the other day I had a topic asking how to waste food lol… but that was before getting new heroes (proteus, sonya, kiril + 3*)

@littleKAF I do raid, I use all my raid energy as soon as I get it pretty much but I am unable to reroll much at the moment and I keep being paired against the 3200 guys (i am 2750). SOme I have won easily but if I lose, it’s a wasted energy.

This game is much more of a grind than I ever imagined it to be ahaha

These are my last 5 raids. Quite a good deal of iron there. That said, I have a larger collection of heroes so I may be able to raid better. That comes with time.

Regarding the second builder, try paying attention to finish times. I am able to very successfully use the second builder by paying attention to when the buildings finish. For example, my SH22 will finish in 18 hours, at which time I will have enough iron for nearly any building I want; meanwhile my next building will finish a bit more than 2 days later, at which time I’ll have enough for another one. This may only work at higher levels this well with long lead times but I suspect something similar will work at lower levels. If I run low on iron, I do a mine or farm which takes less.


Raid chests give double hams and irons of monster chests, so skipping timers and filling those as quickly as possible

Along with farming 17-1 which is roughly 77k iron per 50 flags(7,700 per 5 flags). Best iron per flag stage that i know of.

And if u want more gains, you can merc titans

The mat rolls will be nerfed, but the food/iron gains are still decent last i heard(i haven’t merced in months so no data from me but do know people who merc solely for the purpose of farming resources)

You can merc 6 titans per day without spending a single flask so it adds up

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I raid quite a bit for resources. Only really reset raid chests and let monster chests just time out. Find it’s the fastest way for ham and iron. Keep leveling buildings at all times… your ham and iron is based on your storage capacity ( as a %) so honestly mines, farms storage all increase resources for chests

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This game has us role playing hardass characters who should go for what they want/need

Alt f2p acc: upgrading SH 16 to 17.: mines 13,12,12,8. Outpost: 10. Too high, I even ran out of arrow crafting materials in order not to stop the production.

Main VIP Acc: SH 16 to 17 16h left. Iron store 4x14 + 13 to 14 15h left.

For the training I like to switch between different levels depending on what I had. I am busy RN with a Danza 4.40 Grimm 2.29 and Kashrek 2.1.

Just gave up tc 13 and switched to 2x2 and 1x11. 104 heroes per day= 204k food. I don’t think I can keep with recruits so I will switch again as needed.

Adapting your structures to your own needs ia key to enjoy the procces of growing.

Best luck and great fun.
mines 4x15, watchtower 14. 1092 k stored I even could craft some weapons at forge. Not wealthy enough to spend emblems.

I am also trying to rush SH20 ASAP But took some time to improve my income at SH 13 and 15. It’s really worth IMHO.

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No one on my lists for raids seem to have above the 10k mark for iron or food. It appears the average seems to be 7k - 8k.

I have SH upgrading to 19 now and also 1 of my 2 level 16 Iron Storage finally upgrading to 17. I will get all to 17, then start putting them to 18.

Adding to the advice above; do the Iron Quest when it pops up, unless it’s during Atlantis Rises.

That quest nets you 57k iron, for only 13 flags. Sadly, it can only be done once when it shows up.

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