Family Treasures

We are currently have 1 spot open. We accept all level of players who want to be part of our family. War is optional. If you opt-in for war, please use up your flags. We ask you to hit titan daily. 1000 cups. We are friendly and knowledgeable about the game. We have Line group chat, but it is optional for you to join. Thank you and welcome to our family. Let’s go fam. ~Sir. Vince S. Co-leader from Family Treasures

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We currently have 3 openings. We are looking for active players. Thank you.

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We are still looking for someone who are interested in becoming our member. We still have 3 spots open. Thank you.

Please read carefully about our recruit post. We currently have 4 openings available. Thank you.

We still have 3 openings. Please feel free to look us up. Thank you.

We have 4 openings. Please check us out after the connection issue. Thank you.

We have 4 openings for any1 who are dedicated to be a daily active player. Thank you.

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