Failed revenges count as normal raid 2nd time?

Okay, I was going through my revenges today and had something happened that I’ve never seen before and I believe it shouldn’t be happening unless this is something new.
I had a failed revenge and went back a 2nd time and it counted as a normal raid and he got a chance to revenge from it.

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Just got raided 4 times by the same person within about 6mins… And then there was that time I stopped by your keep :wink: in a similar style… And then, I’m still not sure whether we can raid each other or not while we’re playing the game in the top 100. I’d really like to know how and when the systems rolls or makes us available to be raided, etc…

You can lose 3 raids in a row and still roll that person again long as they aren’t online. Let’s say you win the 3rd or 4th raid… you can’t roll them again for a certain period of time. I believe it’s an hour or two? Someone told me before but I can’t remember.

Mine is weird cause I lost a revenge and went back for my 2nd one and it counted as a raid for some reason and the guy got a revenge option on me off of a revenge I did on him.

And here is the - cups for a revenge on a revenge. This is really dumb.

The whole system is dumb. fun but dumb. ELO rankings should only be used for skill based games like chess. With the board randomness and attacker advantage it’s just so dumb - win 8/11 defenses and lose 75 cups.

The +/- cup system for raids is definitely broken and I’m not a fan of it, but my thinking is, everyone has to put up with it and I’ve read past complaints about the raid system and it’s never changed so I don’t see it changing.
I stil find it funny how someone can fail, fail, win and you revenge and still lose cups for 3 wins vs 1 loss.