Explain why I have to wait to play your game?

Real world energy drains and I can’t play??? What is the point of preventing me from spending time playing the game.? I am busy and when I have time to play, I should be able to.play or farm or whatever…

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Im not sure what you’re asking

He is talking in regards to world energy flags (red). I think he is frustrated at being limited to how many times he can play the levels until they have finished and the time he has to wait for them to recharge.

It’s the game, the way the creaters have designed it, there are many games at the moment with the same design. Unfortunately it’s a common trend with free games at the moment. This one is no exception.

You can always ask sg…

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You get more energy quota when you level up.

Are you in an alliance? Then you get to fight wars and titans too.


Because you can spend money to speed it up buying gems and using them to fill up your World Energy. Ultimately, it’s all about getting us to spend money, which makes sense.


The point is that if you want to spend unlimited time playing the game, you’ll have to spend some cash. This game, like any other game, is developed as a business plan, not out of the developers pure loving heart and desire to entertain you :wink:

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Maybe because you can buy energy? As state before it seems that SG only wants your money. Surprising? No, that’s business based on your fun / frustration